Artist Lineup and Check List for Envision Festival 2017

Envision Festival is held in breath-taking Uvita, Costa Rica and they are on route to hosting their 7th annual festival. This festival prides them selves on brilliant and skillful musicians and artists, while also being a major influence and role model for  transformational music festivals across the world by having renowned yoga, movement, permaculture and eco-educational workshops. For their 7th year they are breaking out one of their best lineups to date with performances such as Opiuo, Autograf, Rising Appalachia, pantyraid, Ott, Papadosio, Goldfish, Govinda, CloZee, and many more spectacular acts! Check the image above for their complete lineup along with performance art, yoga, and workshops instructors/groups.

Being in such a beautiful environment and having influences to be eco-friendly from music, arts, workshops, and talks, Envision consistently promotes a healthy life style for your self and the earth. They have taken recycled materials and used it throughout their stages and art installations. On their website they have put up a list of items that they ask of the attendee’s that help keep their home clean. It requires you to bring a bottle because they do not provide cups and they ask for it to be a reusable up. The same goes for dishes as they promote using the utensils, cups, and dishes again as they have several dish washing sinks available for people to use. Envision is a leave no trace behind festival, so with all the workshops and precautions that they have taken, they strive to have one of the strongest influences in the festival scene by promoting the some of best Eco-initiatives.

There is a vast difference between camping here and camping at your average festival. Envision is located on a beach and in a jungle, so you know the humidity is high and with Costa Rica being fairly close to the equator, it is hot there year round. Thankfully February is one of their cooler months, so at night be prepared for a slight chill as temperatures can dip down to an ever so low 60 degrees Fahrenheit. During the day it definitely gets hot so prepare by packing summer wear and tropical essentials. Summer wear being items such as shorts, flip flops, sun glasses, hats that provide decent shade, swimsuits, and what ever else fits your summer fashion. There is a decent list of items that we have conjured together that we suggest you bring to Envision that would benefit and heighten your experience. Check out our Check List for this four day extravaganza in the jungle! And keep in mind while packing, try to minimize your items and be conscious of packaging. You can view what trash goes where below with the categories provided from Envision, which is also directly on their website; Recyclables, Hazardous, Landfill, and Composite.


  • Summer wear (Items underlined in Paragraph above)
  • Blankets + pillow(s) (Sleeping bags, cott, air mattress too if you own)
  • Light Rain Gear (Ponchos, Umbrella)
  • Waterproof Shoes/ Boots (Like Crocs)
  • Reusable Water Bottle (Not plastic bottles like Dasani, Fiji, etc.)
  • Reusable dishes, cups, and utensils.
  • Garbage Bags (Bring extra’s just in case, you can always bring them back if need too)
  • Plastic Bags (For Food storage/ electronics / what ever else is needed)
  • Sunscreen
  • Biodegradable Soap
  • Lip Balm / Moisturizer
  • Natural Shampoo, Toothpaste, deodorant
  • Bug Spray / repellent
  • *Camping Essentials* Such as; tent, cott/air matress (air pump too w/ batteries if so) / sleeping bag, stakes, hammocks, tarp(s), Solar charging equipment, knives, Headlamp/flashlight, latern/solar lights, Backpack / Camelback
  • Last Minute items such as phone and phone charger, passport and I.D., Envision Tickets, Paper and pen,
  • Make sure to get cash before arriving to Envision as they do not have ATMs on site and do not accept cards at majority of the vendors. You can use USD!

Follow Envision on their website and Facebook Below! Tickets are still available, grab them now and find a flight that works with you! If you want a better look at the beauty that Envision creates, watch their 2016 After movie below!

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Author: Dom Ragusa

Editor: Brianna Hennessey