Gem & Jam Adds Mike Gordon From Phish and Exclusive Grateful Dead Tribute Set to 2017 Lineup

Gem & Jam will be spending their 11th year at a new home in Tuscon. With better camping, more space, and with the legendary musical history of the location, Gem and Jam has to show the grounds, Pima County Fairgrounds, that occupying this site for Gem and Jam will go down in history. They had released phase one of the lineup and people were already talking about how it is the BEST Gem and Jam lineup to date. Recently, they added Mike Gordon from Phish and an All Star Grateful Dead Tribute set put on by Steve Kimock & Friends, Members of The Motet, and more. It is after that announcement when they officially made this Gem and Jam lineup one of the best lineups to date.


Photo of Nahko & MFTP performing at Gem and Jam last year

Mike Gordon, the bassist of world renowned jam band, Phish, will be accompanied on the stage by (Keyboard) Robert Walker, (Guitar + other instruments) Scott Murawsk, (Drummer) John Kimock, and (Percussionist) Craig Myers. In addition to this jam filled lineup, The Trancident, which is composed of 4 members from the String Cheese Incident; Kyle Hollingsworth, Michael Travis, Michael Kang and Jason Hann, will show Gem and Jam how they can showcase their talent through improv music grazing through bluegrass, jam, and of course electronic beats, all performed live. Another massive Jam filled act that will be taking Gem and Jam to the next level is Dead & Company’s, Jeff Chimenti, he’ll be joining Steve Kimock & friends for a spectacular set. On top of that, Steve Kimock & friends will be joining members of The Motet for an exclusive, “Play The Dead! Grateful Dead Tribute set.” That isn’t all the live music with instruments though, The New Deal is an ever so impressive 3 piece electronic improvised band that has been around for years bringing electronic music to life! Lotus is another major act on the lineup that will be getting attention from many Gem and Jam goers. With all this amazing Jam music, Gem and Jam is in for one unique year!

Jason Hann of eoto at Infrasound

Jason Hann of Eoto

While there are tons of amazing jam band music and live bands going to the 2017 event, Gem and Jam did not go light on booking their electronic acts. One of the headlining electronic acts also grazes live music by slaying the guitar with incredible electronic back beats, this would be none other than Gramatik of course. Playing so much versatility in his music, Gramatik grazes funk, dubstep, downtempo, and jazzy electronic bunts. Another major electronic act that involves live instruments are The Floozies. Coming from the record label, All Good Records, this record label prides themselves on having artists that play live instruments with insanely unique electronic music behind it. Eoto, who is apart of The Trancident and The String Cheese Incident, will also be joining the group of artists playing creative beats with live instruments. Coolest thing about Eoto is that they are all live and improvised music. Playing on several keyboards, a guitar, and other string instruments, Michael Travis of Eoto tosses in crazy samples while Jason Hann destroys the drums and includes vocals that can change pitch and tones easily. Another live electronic act who will be playing at Gem & Jam is an Australian electronic producer named Opiuo, who uses a drum pad live and has distinct snares, hi-hats, and percussion usage throughout his music. Bass heavy artist, G Jones, will be making his Gem and Jam debut performance and shaking the grounds for one hell of a time! The rest of the line up and supporting acts that will be performing at Gem & Jam are all crucial to their diverse line up! This kind of line up is what makes Gem & Jam the unique festival that it is. Check out The Chronic Electronic Playlist of Gem and Jam Artists going in 2017.


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