Euphoria Music Festival Finalizes Their 2017 Lineup

Euphoria Music Festival did not hold back on their hugely anticipated 2017 festival event. Not only did they release the full lineup months before the festival start date, but the lineup is incredibly stacked and probably one of the biggest years yet to come to Euphoria. If you haven’t seen their full lineup, check it out above with all the artist’s who will be playing in the main festival grounds.

Credit: Brach Foster

Credit: Brach F.

Euphoria did an excellent job on releasing this lineup in a proper time and method. They first released the initial announcements about a month ago. Keeping the excitement high, a couple weeks after that announcement, they put up a status on Facebook giving a TRUE Euphoria fan an opportunity of a life time to announce the phase two additions for Euphoria. Brach got personally messaged by Euphoria and was sent the info on how and when to release the phase two announcements. The morning after getting that message, Brach was the first to drop the phase two announcements, which are listed below.Euphoria Phase 2


Again keeping the momentum of being hyped up for Euphoria, within two weeks of the phase 2 announcements, they dropped the rest of the 2017 lineup with a BANG! Adding in Chromeo, Knife Party, Oliver Heldens, Bakermat (live), FKJ, Minnesota, Chet Porter, and other amazing acts, Euphoria has done an outstanding job finalizing their lineup for their 6th annual event.


Euphoria Music Festival prides themselves on the immensely diverse lineup. Ranging from jam bands, to rap and hip hop stars, to electronic music ranging from tropical / deep house to dark dubstep to funk and everywhere in-between! Lets take a glimpse into their 2017 lineup and mention a couple of artists that will be making this year a truly euphoric Euphoria experience for everyone!

SNBRN @ Euphoria Music Festival 4/8/16

Euphoria wouldn’t be the unique and creative festival that it is if they didn’t book rappers and hip hop stars to perform. For all of Euphoria’s years, they have had an amazing selection of rappers to join the festival and make it a true music festival with variety in music. This year they have Wiz Khalifa and Young Thug as their headlining acts for rappers. Both popular and known for their music nation wide. Marvel Years @ Euphoria Music Festival 4/8/16Should be interesting to see what kind of performances they will put on at an environment like Euphoria. The awesome concept of having rap at a festival like this is that it gives certain audience members the opportunity to escape the regular festival atmosphere and witness music they don’t usually see. Same goes with Reggae artist’s, Chronixx & Zincfence Redemption. They will give the audience a similar opportunity for festival goers to listen to music that they don’t usually get to hear at music festivals.


Euphoria would not be the same if they didn’t have all the live music like they do every year. Year in and year out they have live acts ranging from full on jam bands, to electronic acts with instruments involved on stage, to a beautiful mixture of both and every thing else you can think of that is live. This year they are bringing live music with the best electronic beats in the scene with headliners, Chromeo, and Pretty Lights live. Chromeo, Canadian duo, have been creating funky- electro music since 2002. With distinct and harmonic vocals, this duo has been grasping the attention of many funk lovers. On the other spectrum, Pretty Lights Live Band, composed by Derek Vincent Smith, is a band that has a wide range of instruments, that has samples that come from classic and vintage songs from the earlier years of recorded music. Many call his music the modern take on jazz and blues music, only with crazy electronic samples and bass. Another live electronic act and becoming ever so popular, the funk duo coming from All Good Records, The Floozies, will be playing their unique funk-rhythmic beats for all electronic lovers and funk lovers alike. Another honorable mention of combined live music and electronic beats are also signed on All Good Records, Manic Focus. Playing live with a drummer and his arm pad, Manic Focus takes funk to the next level with heavy bass and unique synths. STS9 @ Euphoria Music Festival 4/8/16


While there are tons of acts performing at Euphoria that has combined instrumental and electronic music, there are also tons of acts that are renowned bands in the scene. They still dip into the electronic music with a keyboardist and other midi-instruments, usually, but generally are known for breaking down into intense jams. One of the headlining jam band performances is the infamous, The Disco Biscuits. They will be making their Euphoria debut performance and it couldn’t have been with a better lineup. Having STS9 as Euphoria’s jam band headliner for the past two years has set a solid jam band foundation. Now they are changing it up for an extremely renowned jam band who will be bringing fans from all over the country for this performance. Another greatly anticipated set is none other than the heart felt band of Papadosio. They pour their heart and soul in to their music and it definitely reflects through their lyrics and performance. Euphoria always has an exquisite selection in their live band acts and whether they are headliners or locals, the support from the jam bands are massive at this festival!


Last not but not least, of course Euphoria Music Festival would NOT be Euphoria Music Festival, if they didn’t book the amazing and talented producers and DJ’s that they have booked. Ranging from world known super star’s to artists from the local scene that makes Austin thrive. Euphoria Music Festival has always booked quality electronic artists and the performances they have in store for this upcoming year is seriously going to be a treat. G Jones @ Euphoria Music Festival 4/8/16To start off strong, one of the most renowned producers and DJ’s in the world, Alesso, will be making his debut performance for Austin, TX at Euphoria. This alone is going to be one of the most anticipated sets of the weekend. Whether you like house music or not, Alesso, knows how to party and how to play a performance that will create memories that will last for ever! Zeds Dead will be making a return to performance to Euphoria and it could not be more hyped. They recently put out their first album and have been blowing crowds away with raw bass music. Knife Party is another bass heavy artist that will be making their mark known at Euphoria. They do a masterful blend of hard progressive house, dubstep, trap, and other bass music, or as they call it, ‘Seizure music.’ Staying on the heavy bass genre, Mija, Spag Heddy, Ganja White Night, and The Widdler are all must see bass performances. Mija is an extremely popular up and coming artist who plays heavy future bass music and has well known remixes of popular songs. Spag Heddy is an European dubstep producer who has been taking the bass music scene by surprise with his unique beats and constant surprise in talent in production. Ganja White Night and the Widdler produce and play both low frequency, dubstep, riddim, bass music that have been giving tons of people the gnarly dubstep face. Ganja White Night has been coming to America more frequently after their music has been getting blown up in the clubs and at festivals. While the Widdler has been in this scene for several years creating raw bass music, straight out of Austin, Texas. Changing the vibe from bass music to future, dance, house and happy music, Oliver Heldens will be making the whole crowd do the deep house shuffle to his unique taste in house music. While Norwegian producer, Alan Walker will be blowing people away with his innovative production in future music. Another house artist that is a must see performance is none other than, Dr. Fresch, who plays a wide range of music from deep house to trap, he will have one interesting set, perfect for Euphoria vibes!

There are TONS of other insanely creative and talented artists and bands that are performing at Euphoria! If you don’t know all of the artists going, check out our playlist with ALL the artists that will be playing at Euphoria 2017. Tickets are still available! Click the link below!


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