Decadence Artist Spotlight: Phantoms

Photo Credit to Phantoms Facebook

Decadence in Denver, Colorado is less than 25 days away and we have an incredibly talented and diverse lineup to come along with it!  With a lineup completely full of world renowned headliners and support acts that are the hottest up and coming artists in the scene, Decadence is easily going to be one of the biggest NYE Dance celebrations in North America. Lets take a look at one of the most talked about up and coming artists in the scene right now, Phantoms. This duo from Los Angeles, California are taking everyone by surprise with their deep house production and their rise in popularity through their LIVE shows and Snapchat. Their live shows consist of keyboards, vocals, and unique deep house beats. Check out a video they put on their Facebook giving us a sneak peak into one of their live shows!

Take a look at their impressive crowd reaction in their home town, L.A.

Some of their Snapchat infamy came from the popularity that Dillon Francis has on Snapchat. With Dillon Francis being one of the most known electronic producers and DJ’s in America and having Phantoms on his Snapchat, the duo of Phantoms are quickly becoming recognized. Check out this ridiculous Snapchat collage Dillon Francis put on w/ Phantoms.


If you haven’t listened to Phantoms yet, check them out on Soundcloud here:

Phantoms SoundCloud Link

Below, “Someone to Talk About” is a recent single that they posted a couple weeks ago and “Cocaine” has been getting played across the country.




Decadence still has tickets available!
Grab the tickets here!

Denver Decadence 2016 Ticket link

Decadence Facebook Link


Here is the rest of the Decadence 2016 line up with some artists yet to be announced.

Decadence lineup looking nice


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