7 Artists That You Can NOT Miss Perform at Decadence in Colorado

Decadence is in full swing and about to take over the Colorado Convention Center in Denver for their 6th year in less than 2 days! Year in and year out Decadence books the most reputable and talented producers, DJ’s, and live acts in our scene. Bringing so much talent with world renowned acts, it is hard to see all of your favorite or must see artists. So when there is an event with this many amazing artists, you have to see who you truly want too see in the City of Dreams! But while you may have favorites, there are 7 artists that are going to Decadence that are guaranteed to be an ever impressive set and is going to be totally unique to the citizens of the City of Dreams. Here is our list of 7 artists that you HAVE to see if attending Decadence.

To start off the list… The King of the Sound…

1: Bassnectar

One of the most talked about productions in electronic music is put on by one of the most talented producers, Bassnectar. Returning to perform at Decadence for his 4th year in a row, “The King of the Sound” has a diverse taste in music and can flawlessly mix from a soulful, trippy, beat to a bass heavy, rage song. Having released an EP 6 months ago, it is sure that he has some music stored up for an upcoming release that he will tease us with. While playing music of multiple genres, his team follows his musical path perfectly, with state of the art technology through visuals. His production that goes along with his music is among some of the best and with this being his 4th performance at Decadence, a ritual before his 360 NYE event, it is for sure that we are in for an outstanding set that can NOT be missed!

2: Eric Prydz



Progressive house mastermind, Eric Prydz is about to grace the City of Dreams with one of the most intense and memorable sets to ever happen at Decadence. Prydz is world renowned for his talented production in music and extraordinary visual production. He has been changing the game for years by having multiple tracks and an alias that have become known world wide along with some of the most realistic and clear visionary arts, thus being hailed as a king for the house music community. A most definite, must see set in the City of Dreams.

                                            Photo Credit: RaverRafting

3: GRiZ

Decadence wouldn’t be Decadence if they didn’t have some of the best funk artists in the scene to play there. So of course they book one of the most talented and popular funk artists in the scene, GRiZ. Originating from Detroit and getting his passion for the funk there, he found, All Good Records, a record label for the highest quality of funky-electronic music. Having multiple artists on the record label, all of which have their own distinct sound, GRiZ has become a mastermind for the modern funk music. Now living in Boulder, Colorado, this funky saxophone player, electronic music producer and DJ will be “Bringing the Funk” to the City of Dreams for one hell of a unique bass heavy and saxxy set for all of us to “Get the Funk Down” too!

4: Phantoms

One of the hottest up and coming artists in the scene are coming to Denver for their first performance at Decadence. Phantoms are deep house / bass house producers and DJ’s that incorporate a live act, blowing people away at their shows. Not only are they getting word spread fast by their amazing live shows but they are also close in with EDM superstar, Dillon Francis. Dillon Francis has played multiple shows with them and also included them on multiple snapchat stories, which has promoted their name significantly. Check out below to listen to a remix of theirs that they did of the legend, Eric Clapton, and hear for yourself, for why they are a must see act!

5: SunSquabi

Photo Credit: SunSquabi and MGMT

Colorado grown and Boulder Locals, SunSquabi will truly be bringing the funk to Decadence on New Years Eve. They are a three person jam-tronica funk band that is on one of the funkiest record labels for electronic music, “All Good Records.” SunSquabi is a group of artists, each individually talented in their instruments and when together they absolutely bring the funk while keeping it classy and jazzy. Having drums, bass, guitar, synth, keyboards, and a beat pad, this trio are keeping the funk fresh with electronic like beats that are played out live. Although they do have a special surprise in store for the citizens of the City of Dreams! Aaron Holstein will be joining SunSquabi for a one of a kind performance where he will be playing the bass as his role. He is a bassist player from VibeSquaD, which is a solo act with him on bass and with him killing the electronic funky music. He recently retired his name, VibeSquad, in November. It will be spectacular to see him joining up with the Squabi boys! This is definitely a set that matches the vibe of Decadence and is a set that can NOT be missed!

6: RL Grime vs. Baauer

This will be one of the heaviest and most unique sets to ever happen at Decadence. RL Grime vs. Baauer is going to be massive! These two trap producers are legends for their music and live shows and because of their distinct style in production, they are some of the most well known trap producers/ DJ’s in the world. Both artists have made iconic trap anthems that have been played at clubs and festivals world-wide and together they will be playing an utterly unique and bass heavy set. They collabed and produced “Infinite Daps” together over three years ago and together they sparked something spectacular that would go down in b2b history. This is a rare b2b as it does not happen often for the last time these two came together in Denver it was in 2013 at Global Dance Festival Red Rocks. A set that went down in infamy, much as this set will. Be sure to catch one of the most anticipated and raw sets to be seen in the City of Dreams!

7: Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead @ Decadence 2012 -Photo Credit to Incision Photography and Decadence.

Last but not least, the Canadian Duo that have changed the ways of bass music for ever, Zeds Dead. They are usually thought of as the OG’s for music production in dark, bass heavy, electronic music. Having found their distinct sound, they made a name for them selves very quickly for the bass music community. Over the years they have experimented with carrying their distinct sound over to other electronic genres such as trap, deep house, and the recent, Future Bass. On their recent debut album release, Northern Lights, they combined all of their musical taste that they have played over the years into one release. This album holds their unmistakable sound throughout every song while still showing that they can have multiple genres of electronic music on one album. This correlates perfectly with their live sets where they graze multiple genres during their performance for one unique set that you won’t see by anybody else! Make sure to check out one of the most original, blood pumping, adrenaline rushing, bass heavy sets that will be seen at Decadence this year!

Check out the schedule for the time slots that the artist’s will be playing to time out your schedule perfectly!

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