New Helmets. New Live Show. Black Tiger Sex Machine w/ Kai Wachi on Their Way to Town!

Black Tiger Sex Machine has recently announced a new tour, debuting their new helmets and new live show. ALSO, We are finally getting the opportunity to see Kai Wachi live. Some area’s have different special guests, he is playing select shows and thankfully for Colorado folk we get the dosage of Kai Wachi! (Not saying we don’t love you Dabin, because we love you, your music, and energy! But we have not experienced the thrill of Kai Wachi yet and its about time the Bass Capital gets some of his filth!) This tour is going far across the nation and hitting several spots, if you haven’t seen where they are going, check it out below and see if they come to a City near you!

BTSM fall Tour

The Tigers have created a new helmet that is controlled by a Midi-controller, so while they are performing on stage one of the tigers can actually control the LED’s in their helmets to match it with whats going on on-stage. This adds that extra element that makes Black Tiger Sex Machine that much more unique than other artists. They make the show come alive by getting involved with the crowd that extra little bit, it will generate a new and unique live music experience for all electronic dance music lovers to enjoy! Check out their video they posted of their Midi controller controlling their helmets!


So if that isn’t enough to convince you to see them live, you should probably take these next two claims into account. First of all, this is going to be a new live show… and the last time they had a new live show, it was BEAUTIFUL CHAOS! They mashed up their new album that came out before the tour. It was epic! Check out a video I took of them at their show in Colorado Springs at Rawkus playing one of their tracks “Religion” but dropping it into a DnB edit. Watch below to see how they changed it up the first round… now we can only wait and see what they have in store for round two. The second claim to why this show is a must see is because of their new music they have put out…. if you haven’t heard “Mountains” by them or their new “Futuristic Thriller Mix”… then you are MISSING OUT! Their original track “Mountains” is a classic Black Tiger Sex Machine sounding song with electro vibes and that signature Kannibalen growl sample throughout it. On top of that, their new Thriller mix is absolutely filled with heavy ass bass songs. They changed this mix up so much compared to the last thriller mix’s, this mix is compiled of heavy hitters and fresh remixes of their tracks off of their recent album, “Welcome to our Church.” The mix is based around the classic movie, “Tron” and with the samples selected from the movie, it fits their music selection perfectly. Check out their mix below and also follow their Facebook to keep up to date with tour information.

Black Tiger Sex Machine FaceBook

Interested in getting tickets, you can find them here!

Black Tiger Sex Machine SoundCloud


Author: Dom Ragusa