LOOK OUT! Space Jesus w/ Yheti Are About to Blast Off in a City Near You!

Space Jesus is going on a crazy 3 month tour traveling across the United States to headline his tour “LOOK OUT” with Yheti as support. He just recently started the tour earlier this month on the 15th of September in Chicago! With his recent gain in popularity and dank music his tour is not one to miss if you like “space bass” electronic music! Especially with his very talented support act, Yheti! If you like Space Jesus’s break beat, grimey and spacey type of songs and haven’t seen Yheti yet, this this is your opportunity to get down to music that is revolutionizing our scene today. With the style of production that these two artists have, they have been getting attention across the nation with their unique music and because of that, this tour is going Coast to Coast. Check out their tour below and click the image to enlarge!

Space Jesus Tour LOOK OUT!

There are several dates where they go to a state at a certain city, continue their tour for a couple weeks then return to that state at a different location. Such as Colorado, on October 6th 2016 they are hitting Colorado Springs at Rawkus and November 11th at the Bluebird Theater in Denver, Colorado. So if you can’t make the earlier dates there may be a chance for you to catch them again at a different location! If you want a sneak peak of what happens at one of the Space Jesus’s Shows, check out a video from the LOOK OUT tour at the Miramar Theater in Milwaukee, WI.

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If you haven’t listened to Space Jesus or Yheti check out a mix from each below, and for more info on the tour visit the links below for Facebook pages and ticket links!


Space Jesus Facebook Link

Yheti Facebook Link

LOOK OUT! Tour Tickets Link




Author: Dom Raugsa