Hallowfreaknween Drops a Beautiful Line Up for 2016

One of Global Dance’s most popular events is Hallowfreaknween, which is Colorado’s biggest Halloween costume party. For their initial wave of announcements, they released Seven Lions, Morgan Page, ilan bluestone, and TheFatRat. All of which are rather melodic and uplifting electronic dance music. With this first phase of artists being themed around House, Trance, and Melodic Dub, it will match the vibe of all the creative and interesting people who will be dressing up for this magnificent event. The stage production put on by Global Dance is also highly creative and sets the energy right with its freaky set up! Great thing about Global Dance events is usually there is more than one stage and last year at Hallowfreaknween there was 4 stages in total. So if for some reason the main stage isn’t fulfilling your needs, there are other stages with bass heavy and local artists that spark the place into a unique dance party. With this being their second year at the National Western Complex, it is sure to be an interesting and freakylicious night. Check out a couple videos from last year and the artist’s that are going this year with a mix on SoundCloud.

Tickets for Hallowfreaknween 2016

Hallowfreaknween 2016 Event Page

Global Dance Facebook Page

Video Credit to Sarah Jaffe on YouTube.


Video Credit to Kayzo and Killed With Kindness on FaceBook



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