Decadence in AZ Has a FIRE Lineup! So What Does That Mean for CO’s Decadence?

Decadence in Denver, Colorado is hosted at the Colorado Convention Center and has been bringing in the hottest artists to play under one roof for one of the most revered events in America. It is put on by Global Dance Events, AEG, and Live Nation and is the biggest New Years Dance Celebration in America and has been booking world renowned producers and DJs since their first year. They have grown exponentially within their 6 years of production, so much so that they have brought their NYE event from Colorado to Utah and this will be Arizona’s third Decadence. Decadence consistently gets some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry. Such as, Bassnectar, Deadmau5Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Excision, Hardwell, Griz, Gramatik, Big Gigantic, Pretty Lights, and much more! Last year’s decadence was the biggest yet for their 5th year anniversary, but with the lineup that they have released for phase one for Arizona, it leaves to question, how are they going to top last year? Check out Decadence in Arizona’s lineup below:

Decadence AZ

Decadence in Arizona is stacked for their phase one announcement! They are bringing back Deadmau5 to play at a Decadence and have popular names; The Chainsmokers, Zedd, Porter Robinson, and Jauz! With that much heat on their phase one release and last years Decadence having Hardwell, Jack Ü, Bassnectar (For the 3rd consecutive year,) Excision, and many more heavy headliners and talented support acts, how will they top last year?
They have been dropping hints at teases to this years Decadence and what they have planned. The theme for this year is “The City of Dreams,” as you can see to the side. Decadence denver 2016Not only is this theme great for Decadence because it has a bright essence to it, but it could also be a tip to whom they are booking. Artists Alesso and Dirty South made a wildly popular electronic track in 2012 named, “City of Dreams.” So could this be a hint that either one of them may play at Decadence? Possibly. But there is another hint they dropped during mid week last week, being that they have another trio come to play at Decadence. This can mean anyone but Decadence is revered, classy and books some of the most popular acts. They have booked Above & Beyond before but I do not believe that they will fill that spot. Destroid is an option people are talking about and hoping for but not many hints lead towards that. But there is a hint floating around that leads to one of the bigger options and most talked about, which is the possibility of Swedish House Mafia. They announced that they are returning for a 2017 tour and it would be very Decadence like of them to have Swedish House Mafia start of our 2017 year.

Now that is only one of the hints that was released from Decadence. The other one was when they said to “book your flights to Denver, we’re going to rage for a couple of days”, (which if you are coming in out of state and flying, you should book as early as you can and Southwest or Frontier usually have the best prices that I have found.) Now this could be over exaggerating what they said, but them saying “to rage for a couple of days” makes it a possibility that they may make it go from a 2 day to a 3 day NYE celebration. Which isn’t that absurd. Decadence started off as a one day extravaganza. The next year it was also a one day event but it was MASSIVE! With their success of that year, they upsized the following years and had the event take course over 2 nights instead of 1, both nights full with absolutely amazing artists. Check out their previous years with their lineup and schedules. Also make sure to check up on their Facebook for their first announcement of artists which should be coming out this month of August! (Hopefully this week!)
Here is their Facebook —->Decadence Facebook

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