Beyond the Music at Imagine Music Festival

Beyond the music, Imagine Festival is an opportunity to explore and realize possibilities from your Imagination. In keeping with that, Imagine Music Festival is providing access to moments worth checking out. On top of this, it’s providing a place where entrepreneurs, small businesses, and craftspeople can showcase their wares in an environment of individuals who will appreciate what’s being offered. In this article, we’ll cover some of the opportunities and possibilities worth considering.


A staple of the Imagine experience, everyone is encouraged and recommended to attend at least one of the transformational/experiential workshops. The schedule is capable of being viewed by venue, time slot, general list, and a detailed list giving further information on each workshop. Workshops are broken up into 8 venues:

Explore and Imagine! Push your boundaries and sign up for a workshop. There are workshops on various stages of flow, yoga, and dance. All of them possess introductory and moderate level classes, so whether you’re new to something or well acquainted, there’s something for you. Flow further has specialized workshops for poi and hooping, while yoga has specialized workshops for various schools and styles of yoga.

For more information and to sign up for a workshop or two: Click here <3

I personally recommend the partner and acroyoga to everyone, as well as the workshop on permaculture.


Artist Meet and Greet

What more can be said? The wonderful people over at are sponsoring a Meet and Greet for some beloved artists, as well as giving away both IMF and thatDROP merch. Go get a picture, shake hands, and maybe even get some stuff autographed.

meet and greet



Kandi Making Station

For those of us looking to make some personals, giveaways, or tradeables, the Kandi Making Station – sponsored by Kandi Kid Creations  is sure to be a spot where many of stop. Head over, give a bit of time to make a little love, then show them off or give them away.



Trendy Tapestries

As their name suggests, Trendy Tapestries’ put out tapestries of all designs and will have a booth at IMF. Have a bare wall at home or been meaning to put something new up? Have a friend or family member that’s dropped hints about wanting a new tapestry? Then, this’ll be the chance to look through some beautiful works and to take one or five with you.

For more on Trendy Tapestries, check out their Facebook page:


Moonward Dreams

To quote their humble self-description, Moonward Dreams “are a design and art company dedicated to making outfits and costumes”. I say humble, because once you check out all of their works and the lovely pieces they produce, it becomes difficult to describe them to others without adjectives such as fantastic, imaginative, and awe-inspiring. Don’t just take my word for it. Go check out their Etsy and Facebook pages.

To purchase some pieces early and for future costume pieces, bookmark their Etsy at:


As always, blessings upon You and your travels in this beautiful thing we share called Life.

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