Imagine Festival Phase 2 Lineup and More!

Imagine Festival has officially released the Phase 2 Lineup and revealed much more!

The revealed Phase 2 roster is as follows:

just phase II

Along with the release of Phase 2, the following was also revealed:

1) The Pendulum performance will be a D&B set, which adds on to the already stacked lineup for the D&B Stage. Yes, you read that right: Imagine Festival has a dedicated Drum and Bass Stage for the entirety of the event, and Pendulum’s set will be there.

pendulum d&b set

2) Lotus will be the act before Disco Biscuits on Saturday.

lotus before disco biscuits on sat

3) All lockers will have charging capability, so if you’re looking for a two-birds-one-stone situation, then that would be it. You can be assured that whatever devices you put to charge will be secure, and you won’t have to worry that the electricity will be inconsistent or cut out altogether.

locker rentals with charging capability

4) The schedule and time slots for performances at the various stages will be released soon after Phase 3 is revealed. That will be something many, if not all, of us will end up studying carefully, trying to decide how best to hit as many of the acts we want to see as possible.

full schedule is soon after phase 3 tomorrow

On top of all of that great news, it was also confirmed that there will be a Phase 3, which will be released tomorrow along with the final headliner. What is known for sure about Phase 3 is that all acts and performances will be local and regional.

only locals on phase 3

final headliner announced tomorrow

Personally, I continue to be put in a state of awe at the magnitude of talent being packed into this event. It is truly amazing at how many quality performers and how much musical artistry is going to be unleashed during those 3 days, 2 nights of magic made manifest. I know full well going into this that I’m going to end up missing at least one set/performance that I’d otherwise love to see. Of the Phase 2 roster, I’m adding The Disco Biscuits, Bad Company, Papadosio, Snails, FYER, and Levitation Jones to my list of must-sees. 

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