Sonic Bloom Announces Phase Two and Their Return to Hummingbird Ranch

Photo Credit: Sonic Bloom & Lovemore Creations & Dino Durkin

Sonic Bloom has recently announced their beautiful phase two addition of artists to their already amazing lineup! In addition to that, they have announced that they will be returning to their scenic mountain side location in Rye, Colorado at Hummingbird Ranch. This location is superb, unique, and over all a perfect location for “The Unified Field.” The stages are nested in three totally different spots across the ranch that each holds its own vibe. In the middle of the festival grounds, where the Hummingbird stage is located, the area is covered with talk scrub-oak trees that provide shade during the hot hours while still playing music that puts you in a trance. Creek @ Hummingbird RanchWithin the scrub-oak forest they littered it with beautiful art from various artists and other talented interactive and visual art such as Gravity Glue’s balanced rocks or Slack-Lines. Off of the festival grounds in the camping area, there is a hidden gem in rather green trees. The hidden gem being a creek coming down from the mountains with cold water. A perfect place to cool off and enjoy the morning before heading into the grounds for music. If you didn’t go last year and are planning for this year, you will be in for a special treat for this area is truly unique and a quintessential location to host the unified field.


Photo Credit: Sonic Bloom

While they scored big with returning to their exquisite location, their phase two addition to their already epic line up is spectacular and fits the vibe excellently. Here is their list of artist’s added on by phase two:

Announcing WAVE 2 of this year’s lineup and our return to Hummingbird Ranch! : FKJ + Phaeleh + The Grouch & Eligh + J.Phlip + Bass Physics + Fort Knox Five ft. Qdup + Herbie Hancock Tribute ft. Lalli, Watts, Porter, Sayers & Schwindt + The ReMINDers + Insightful + The Widdler + NastyNasty + Filastine + The Mile High Sound Movement Collective + DJUNYA + Gipsy Moon + House of Hamsa ft. members of Hamsa Lila & Dirtwire + Orphic + Cualli + Milky.WAV + Tnertle + Greener Grounds + The Dirty Gemstones + Linear Symmetry + Ind33p & Bean w/ still MORE TBA! (including another headliner in May)

Here is their full line up as of now! They will be announcing the rest of their line up in May!
Sonic Bloom 2016

If you want a quick listen of some of the artists on the artist, scroll through their official SoundCloud page for Sonic Bloom 2016!

Don’t forget to grab tickets if you haven’t yet! They are still on Tier one and will be moving onto the next tier soon. Last year sold out and with two nights of Tipper along with the rest of this amazing line up planned, this year is sure to sell out so grab tickets here!



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