Backwoods Music Festival Completes Their Amazing Lineup

Backwoods Music Festival in Stroud, Oklahoma announced their final additions to their amazing lineup for their 3rd year at the Tatanka Ranch. Their lineup was already stacked with talented musicians and producers ranging in various genres of music. With the rest of the line up announced their massive lineup just got that much more diverse. The two headliners added to their line up is, Nero (Live) and Moe. They also added: Autograf, Big Chocolate, Elephante, George Acosta, Pierce Fulton, and more!

Backwoods has utterly unique and different stage design. Their main stage theme last year was castle based and was out of this world impressive. This year they are having several new additions including the main stage design, an island stage, a giant Slip-n-Slide, hay maze, tree house improvements, new art installations, sacred fire, Ultimate VIP camping inside the venue, and more! While at the same time still having some of the same activities from last year such as: the refreshing lake for swimming and water float activities, Ferris Wheel, Poi Tower, Laser Fire Tower Climb, and more! Check out their stage design documentary for last year and see just how detailed the main stage was!

Backwoods is looking at having an outstanding year! With them having such a successful and marvelous festival last year, they most definitely gained popularity. While on top of that they are presenting an amazing line up this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell out! You can grab your tickets here so you can be apart of this enlightening and beautiful experience!
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Author: Dom Ragusa

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