Emerging Artists “Exxc!tement” are Relentlessly Taking Over the Local Music Scene

Photo credit to Official Facebook page of Exxc!tement 

Talented and extravagant electronic music producer and dj duo, Briar Watson and Tyler Manning collectively put their creative thoughts and skills together to compose Exxc!tement. They produce music ranging anywhere from dubstep, trap, house, hop, and future while playing live they compile all of those genres together for a beautiful melody throughout their set. Exxc!tement has been booked for multiple gigs in Denver and Colorado Springs, as well as performing at their own events that their production company Forward Momentum Productions (ForMo) hosts; Trap the Bluffs in Nebraska. There has been two Trap the Bluffs before with surreal outcomes, making the destination in Scottsbluff, NE practically a third home for the artists, and now they are booked their for the third, Trap the Bluffs on Mar 10, (event info here.) Because ForMo put together this show, they have brought together talented local artist’s from Colorado, Calvin Hobbes and Scottsbluff “home-town hero,” GDLK. With all of the artist’s that ForMo go through to book in their shows, their library of musical selection is vast and along with their wide range of music production abilities, this combination is flawless live. Their hype doesn’t stop their though, on April first at Rawkus they are direct support for artist Candyland. This is going to be a show you do NOT want to miss. They haven’t played at Rawkus before and having them open for Candyland, it is going to be a guaranteed rage-fest because Exxc!tement’s style of music will compliment Candyland’s style ideally and they are both known for getting the crowd hype as fuck. 

Their two most recent songs, “Serendipity” and “Calling All Aliens” have been massive tracks and possibly some of their best production yet. Different in genres, “Serendipity” is a futurist, uplifting tone that reaches quality high notes and beautiful rhythmic melodies. While “Calling All Aliens” is a bass heavy, deep, dubstep tune that definitely calls out for all aliens. Even though they are completely different songs with different genres, they both contain certain samples in it that radiate the feels and define Exxc!tement’s sound. Coming up in May they have planned to release a Serendipity Remix EP. Along with joining Calvin Hobbes on his tour across the country, they have big plans for the year 2016 and because of their hard work, dedication, and involvement with ForMo Productions they are making their name rightfully known in their local area’s of Colorado, Nebraska, and Indiana. Make sure to follow them on Facebook for current updates and other news! Check out their SoundCloud below, and watch a video I took of them at a camping music festival called Dancefestopia in Kansas City, Missouri. (Headliners Datsik, Bassnectar, and Porter Robinson.)

Exxc!tement Facebook

Author: Dom Ragusa

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