Wakarusa Forced to Take a Year Off in 2016

Savoy and their amazing performance in the Revival Tent at Wakarusa 2015.

Savoy and their amazing performance in the Revival Tent at Wakarusa 2015.

One of the most; well produced, organized, friendly festival’s that I have ever experienced took place on Mulberry Mountain, in Arkansas, named Wakarusa. This extremely diverse and music filled festival held one of the fattest line ups in the year 2015, and on top of that they backed up the amazing music experience with a community of workers and volunteers who put their all into their work to make this experience truly the best that it can be. Getting to volunteer and help pre-festival set up, I really got to see behind the scenes at Wakarusa and how much love comes together to create one of the best music festivals in North America!  This event has been in production for 12 years, and while it has changed locations, they have found their home at Mulberry Mountain. It is because they have found their home on Mulberry Mountain that they are not even considering changing location due to the problems that have occurred to them because of their so called “partners.” Wakarusa doesn’t go very deep into the incident that occured with their “partners,” and so I have been doing my research. The partners that “shared the same vision” with Wakarusa is Pipeline productions, and ontop of lying to Wakarusa and breaking contract, they did not pay vendors and staff of Wakarusa, such as the EMT’s, Truck drivers, and other staff. (Credit to – 4029tv.com video posted at bottom of page.) Due to those reason’s Wakarusa has decided to take a year off to re-gather themselves and re-focus on the values of the festival.

Read their official statement:


“It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Wakarusa will take 2016 off.

‪#‎Wakarusa‬ has been a labor of love for all of us these last twelve years. We have been defiantly independent and unique since our inception. Together we created a magical 5 day event that stood out from the rest. We’ve taken great pride in what we’ve created with you and for you over the last decade plus. The Waka community (friends, family, fans, musicians, artists, performers, volunteers, staff) has really been the heart and soul of what Wakarusa IS. This community shares a natural passion for what is truly genuine. Wakarusa is wonderfully original – it is organic, mystical and always marvelously weird, and like Wakarusa, you too are decidedly different and perfectly magnificent.

As such, you deserve to know the principal reason behind our hiatus:

Wakarusa was significantly damaged by partners claiming to share our vision. Sadly, they lied. They are being dealt with appropriately through the legal system. Further, we have found that the universe is often much more effective in dealing with these perpetrators than the legal system. Regardless, it is our sincere hope and anticipation that what we have built together – we will once again enjoy on our beloved and magical mountain.

For now, we shall dust ourselves off. We must take time to recharge our faith and our energy. Passionate people do not throw in the towel because of a bump in the road. We look brightly toward the future. We will bring more music and more art and many more wickedly unrivaled memories. We know the world is a better place when there is more music and more love.

Our scrape with the unsavory has lead us to realize what is most important to us, which is all of YOU (you and you…and you too). So in our brief absence, please stay in touch and look out for each other. Take special care to really nurture what is most important in each of your lives. There is simply too much to be down or discouraged about in this world. Be the beacon of joy and hope – we need more of that in this world. So now we do ask that you share your positive energy with us. We’ll use it as our strength and inspiration to create an even better WAKA experience that is ever more magical. With your help, we will bring Wakarusa back to Mulberry Mountain.

Until then, be safe, spread your positivity and your light and remember to always remain marvelously weird!”

Watch the News Coverage Video posted by 4029tv.com

Published by Dom Ragusa