Song Review: Boombox Cartel – B2U Feat. Ian Everson (Calvin Hobbes Flip)

Calvin Hobbes

Calvin Hobbes

If you have gone to any recent Festival or Concert you have more than likely heard the original, Boombox Cartel – B2U feat. Ian Everson. Many would call that song a trap banger, and it really is good, everyone loves mixing that song into their set. But with #7daysofCalvinHobbes 19 year old Colorado artist, Calvin Hobbes released an unexpected take on this banger, and made it quiet the banger of a song himself.
Listen to his flip here

This track starts off as a beauty, with smooth vocals and chords drawing attention to the vocals that drops away into a magnificent drop both in the original and the flip, only difference is the original is that hard bass trap banger everyone knows, and with the flip he takes it for a different route making it have a futuristic house feel to it. But just as the original, Calvin takes the listener by surprise a little bit later on with his take on trap, and if I were to relate it to any artist’s style, he almost had a G Jones type of drop with the track having enough space in between some notes to keep it interesting and groovy while still having an extremely hard bass line and keeping the harmony in check. He definitely took his take on this song to the next level and is in my opinion better than the original.

Listen to both of the tracks and see what one you like more!

Here is the Original

Author: Dom Ragusa