Artist of the Month “Killing the Game”

Here we carefully choose to select our Artist of the Month that is currently, Killing the Game and making their name known across the scene.


AC Slater – Bass house mastermind, AC Slater is also a proud owner and founder of one of the deepest, dirtiest, and dankest bass house labels in the world, Nightbass. He has been producing music under his name AC Slater for over 5 years now and continues to influence the house scene in ways many never imagined before. He adds in a heavier aspect to the repetitive and calming beats of house. By adding in the heavier samples and sounds, Bass House has a bit more of a shuffling feel than the club sounds of deep house. AC Slater has been innovating this sound for years and now with his label at the prime, AC Slater has a wide library of impressive bass house music. Check out some of his music below to see why he is Killing The Game.

AC Slater Facebook

AC Slater Soundcloud


Hydraulix – An Australian grown artist who is taking over the bass music scene with his unique take on the wonky styles. Hydraulix, aka. Damien W. has been really blowing up over the recent years. He had influences of rap and hip-hop throughout his life and when he took on the production aspect, he blended that base rap beat and changed it up to insane electronic dance music with variations of genres like Dubstep, trap, and other hybrids of bass music. He has had massive releases on labels such as, Quality Good, TWONK, Disciple, Never Say Die, and many more! Along with official remixes for artists like, UZ, QUIX, and Herobust; Hydraulix has been impacting the bass music scene heavily. He has even gotten live-support of his songs through artists like Excision, Snails, Bassnectar, Flux Pavillion, DJ Snake, Kill The Noise, NGHTMRE and many more. Australia has different stars than the rest of the world and with that comes a complete different lifestyle and music production. Hydraulix has a one of a kind sound that is bringing him to the top and that is why he is the artist we chose who is Killing the Game this month.

Hydraulix Facebook

Hydraulix Soundcloud


SVDDEN DEATH – One of the rowdiest artists on the up and coming and not only on the up and coming but absolutely slaying the game. SVDDEN DEATH, based in L.A Cali, but from San Jose, he has been breaking necks all over the country! From massive performances such as Lost Lands, EDC Las Vegas, Bass Canyon, and more! He is getting recognized from massive dubstep names from all over the world such as Excision, Snails, Zeds Dead, and other head banging producers! He has a unique style to producing dubstep, he changes up the samples at a decent pace keeping his songs fresher than ever.




Pegboard Nerds –The selected artists that have been killing the game recently go to Danish-Norwegian DJ duo Pegboard Nerds! Together they have been smashing clubs, local scenes, and large festivals alike! Making big moves since their collaboration with Jauz and Krewella in the song “Superstar” in 2015, following that in 2016 with Canadian artist Snails in “Deep In The Night.” Since then they haven’t stopped releasing top notch bangers!  Starting out July with their Full Hearts tour in Tomorrow Land has been an epic success since then. They plan to finish the tour in September with Natural Land festival in Arkansas, USA. The duo released a smashing EP, “Full Hearts” which they have been promoting on their recent tour and as an result, they have been smashing the dance floors! Some of the songs on the EP that absolutely rock are songs such as “Purple People Eater” and “Steel!” Plus the use of previous EP gold tunes from “Nerds at Heart” and “Pink Clouds!” Tunes that if you haven’t heard you need to check into ASAP! These two dynamic DJs are at the top of their game with No signs of going anywhere else as they rise to the top!! Be sure to catch them on their nearest EP tour dates as they are close to halfway finished. Any show you have to see with these two involved in will have no regrets! 

Pegboard Nerds Facebook

Pegboard Nerds Soundcloud


Claptone – This world renowned house music artist has been performing at every massive festival in North America and releasing mixes that have been grooving to hundreds of thousands, if not millions. He is a masked artist, who has been a sought out act for his unique performances. Claptone is from one of the leading countries for house music, Germany, in the capital for techno music, Berlin. He released an album last month named; FANTAST, check it out below!

Claptone Facebook

Claptone Soundcloud


Liquid Stranger – When isn’t Wakaan killing it? Honestly, it’s every month and that means Liquid Stranger is killing it every month, (because he is the owner/founder) but lately, he has really been on-top of it. Lets start it off with the Colorado love. First he played Sonic Bloom last month in June and did the best set I personally have ever seen, (opinionated much, yes.) But now he is back in Colorado this weekend for the biggest dance festival in the Rocky Mountain Region, Global Dance Festival. Two major performances in one of the hottest places for bass music and ontop of that, he has recently released a massive compilation album of gnarly bass music called ‘Convoy,’ This featured his song with Space Jesus, ‘Dragonhawk.’ His sound design is next level, he is bringing artists onto his label who is next level. It is clear that one of the dominant names in the bass scene is Liquid Stranger.

Liquid Stranger Facebook

Liquid Stranger Soundcloud


Jai Wolf – Bringing a different type of future bass to the realm of electronic music, Jai Wolf, is one of the producers to keep an eye out for this year! Over the past few years hes been gaining momentum with his career as he performed at EDC, Decadence, Imagine Festival, and many more, Jai Wolf is leading the game this year with is beautiful sounds, inspiring motivation, and outstanding performances. Seeing Jai Wolf live will put you in a state of euphoria and is why he is our artist of the month killin’ the game!

Jai Wolf Facebook

Jai Wolf Soundcloud


K?D – He is a fast growing Up and coming act, K?D (pronounced Kid) has been taking the scene over with his dark electro beats and beautiful futuristic feels. The ultimate combination of light and dark, told as a story through music and vibrations. K?D has taken many by surpirse and once he got a collaboration with space mom, Rezz, herself, he blew the f up and is now in the spotlight of headlining shows! Check out his insane music below!

K?D Facebook

K?D Soundcloud


Chuurch – This classy duo from Canada have put together a massive project that pushes the genre “Lean Bass” under the name, Chuurch. They create an unique style of bass house and deep house and add the perfect amount of bouncey grime to keep people going. They have been announced at several events this month including the mega Shambhala Music Festival! They have put out music through Nest HQ, This Ain’t Bristol, and many more. You just need to check out this wonky beats to see why they are the artists killing this month!

Chuurch Facebook

Chuurch Soundcloud


ATLiens – This scientific alien producing duo from Atlanta has been on the rise for a minute with their excellent song production and sooo much detail in every sound that they use, the result is absolute insane clarity. ATLiens likes to use vocals with a gnarly hybrid trap bass beat and wordly tribal drums that gives the upmost suspense during the climaxes of their songs. They are coming in fast with several festival announcements, ATLiens is taking over and they haven’t even released their first album yet, which is set to come out later this year! Check out one of their singles off their debut ep, Invasion.

ATLiens Facebook

ATLiens Soundcloud


Dirt Monkey – Nothing but wonky heaters are coming from this Boulder grown dubstep producer. Having made ultimate collaborations with artists such as Space Jesus, Subtronics, and more, Dirt Monkey has reached his distinct sound that is gaining him fans all over the world. With playing bigger and bigger shows such as Excisions Paradox or multiple festival appearances such as Boredom Fest or Infrasound, Dirt Monkey is on the rise with his wonkey beat production!

Dirt Monkey Facebook

Dirt Monkey Soundcloud


Louis the Child – These two best friends from Chicago dropped out of high school to pursue their dreams and spread love and happiness through their music. Louis the Child has found their distinct sound as they produce future bass in such a proper manner. With one of their most popular songs, “Love is Alive” w/ beautiful vocals from Elohim, Louis the Child has captured the hearts of so many people. 2017 was absolutely massive for them and we know that 2018 is only gonna be bigger and better!

Louis the Child Facebook

Louis the Child Soundcloud


Sullivan King – Absolute madness comes from the metal head banging dubstep producer Sullivan King. His name is derived from the original drummer and cofounder of Avenged Sevenfold. With his death major to the metal community and fans of A7X, he dedicated his name to Sullivan by adding ‘King’ to mark his infamous talent and memories. Sullivan King has the passion and creativity and instrumental talent that has been getting his name renowned across the nation! With his one of a kind Midi-guitar, which is a guitar that has electronic pads on it to incorporate samples/songs so he can literally play out live music over/ in sync with dubstep. Its a one of a king performance and is the reason why is the killing the game this month! Most recent release w/ Slander below!

Sullivan King Facebook

Sullivan King Soundcloud


Boogie T. – Gnar gnar dubstep and womp producer, Boogie T. has been taking everyone by surprise with his extremely bass heavy but clear, dubstep tracks. With one of his collabs being with Ganja White Night, Boogie T. has gotten his sound out to the correct crowd and has been getting seen by many! With more and more festival and event appearances, Boogie T is in the works to becoming a world renowned name!

Boogie T. Facebook Link

Boogie T. Soundcloud Link


Bijou – Ghetto House music, Bijou has a heavy style of bass house / deep house. Coming from Phoenix, Arizona he has been influenced with rap and hip hop and has combined that with gnarly electronic music to create his unique sound that can only be categorized as Ghetto house music. He has collaborated with several big names such as Dr. Fresch, Matroda and more! Check him out on his the ABC tour this late fall, or at his home state, Decadence, for a guarantee gnarly party!

Bijou SoundCloud Link

Bijou Facebook Link


San Holo – Grasping his own style of future bass, San Holo has been on a constant rise over the past few years. Releasing a couple of major hits, ‘Light’ earlier in 2017 and ‘We Rise’ a couple months after that, both of which received multiple million plays on Soundcloud, San Holo has been reaching the hearts of many with his melodic beats. He is starting up a tour which starts in South Korea later this month and will travel the world. One of his stops in November, will be Goldrush Festival in Arizona, put on by two heavy weight Productions, Relentless Beats and Global Dance. This will be a massive stage too see his dank music at! None the Less check out his Facebook for more info on his tour dates and releases!

San Holo Soundcloud Link

San Holo Facebook Link


Wax Motif – Australian Bass/ Deep House producer/DJ Wax Motif has been on fire! With his recent EP release, ‘Tokyo’ Wax Motif has released several songs that ball so hard and have become an instant dancefloor classic. He has a massive audience by having several releases on major music labels such as Dim Mak, Night Bass, Mad Decent, and more, and with all of these releases and influences, Wax Motif has created an unique sound for him self that has been heard around the world! Wanna party? Catch Wax Motif and you’ll be in for a treat.

Wax Motif SoundCloud Link

Wax Motif Facebook Link


Illenium – Up and coming master of feels, Illenium has created a movement strong in the dance scene. He produces music that is can be somewhat categorized as Future Bass. His music has the feels of joy and happiness and yet he has mixed in bass heavy, head banger sounds and has become an insane production in and of him self. Illenium is a Colorado proud resident and makes it known in this wonderful state, but his fire has caught on everywhere in the nation as he has recently announced “the Awake” Tour.
Get more info on his Facebook –

Illenium Facebook Link

Illenium SoundCloud Link 


Chris Lake – Having collaborated with Steve Aoki on a track back in 2013 on the massive hit, Boneless, Chris lake has been entering a spiral of producing amazing music and playing out awesome live shows! Having catered to a deep house production, Chris Lake is taking the dance floors by 128bpm with deep beats and heavenly bass. Check out some of his music as he is sure to set you into a groove.
He will be in Colorado Next month for Global Dance Festival on 7/22.

Chris Lake Facebook Link

Chris Lake Soundcloud Link


Wilkinson – One of the heavyweights in the drum and bass world, Wilkinson has been making a strong hit on the scene the past few months. With several bookings on the festival circuit in the United States and a tour, Wilkinson is making his name known in the United States. For all of the drum and bass heads, we all know who he is, but he will be performing at some events that will definitely expand his reach in America. Check on this heavenly drum and bass artist from the UK!

Wilkinson Facebook

Wilkinson Soundcloud


Lost Kings – Duo coming from L.A – Lost Kings started off their musical adventure with remixes on popular stars and producers such as Imagine Dragons, Krewella, Rhianna, and more! They have positive filled music that many call Future Bass. Starting in 2014, this duo is very up and coming but capturing the hearts of many!

Lost Kings Facebook

Lost King Soundcloud


Wilkinson – UK Drum and Bass producer, Wilkinson, has been releasing music for years under Ram Recordings (Andy C’s label) and Hospital Records. Having producing music for a couple years and having collaborated with big names, Wilkinson has been making a name for himself around the world. While drum and bass is not the most popular genre in America, there are still tons of events that like to go fast, and Wilkinson has been booked at many across the nation. Check out his Red Rocks performance May 16th at Global Dub Fest!

Wilkinson Facebook

Wilkinson Soundcloud


Tchami- Another French electronic producer who has been sharing his sounds world wide. Deep house with a classical touch that makes his music production completely unique and a one of a kind sound. He has traveled the world playing music and has been featured on BBC, Diplo and Friends, has his own mix named Confessions, and is supposedly apart of Malaa, which is a group of 3 ski-masked producers that interchange throughout shows and keep it anoymous the whole set. Tchami has created an original sound for himself and is an artist that is a must see!

Check out a recent release from Tchami Below!

Facebook Link: Facebook for Tchami

Soundcloud Link: Soundcloud for Tchami


CloZee – French electronic producer has been consistently on the rise with her impressive talent and amazing energy. She produces a variety of electronic music ranging from soulful, glitch-hop, world bass, and tribal-trap style of music. She has mainly released her music on gravitas recordings and has been playing tons of festivals across the nation. She was in almost every state during festival season and she is doing the same right now on her tour with another Gravitas recordings artist. Check her Facebook for a tour stop near you and keep an eye out for her festival stops in 2017!

Facebook Link: Facebook for CloZee

SoundCloud Link: SoundCloud for CloZee


Lektrique – Belgian mastermind producer and DJ, Lektrique has been killing the game recently with his heavy banging electro originals. He is signed on Kannibalen Records and releases music under them. The perfect label for his sound. Lektrique crosses a wide range of genres in his production, but one thing they all have in common is that they are bass heavy electro sounding tracks that have that distinct “Lektrique” sound to it.

Facebook Link: Facebook for Lektrique

SoundCloud Link: SoundCloud for Lektrique


DISKORD – Relatively new British Producers DISKORD have started working with each other at least 18 months ago and within that time they have already exploded into popularity with their unique dubstep production and raw music selection for live shows. They have been showing the scene that they are bass heavy artists here to leave a mark. Signed on Circus Records (Doctor P and Funtcase are also on that record label,) guarantee filthy dub step.
**Circus Records is doing a tour and having a stop in Denver on December 8th at Cervantes. Link will be up soon for more info*

Facebook Link: Facebook for DISKORD

SoundCloud Link: SoundCloud for DISKORD


Squnto – Eric Roth is a master DJ and mix master of dubstep. He flawlessly mixes multiple dubstep tracks throughout his sets/mixes and will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting in anticipation for the next drop. You have NO idea of what he is going to transition into. Watch this video going over a 8 dubstep song mashup of epicness.

Facebook Link: Facebook for Squnto
SoundCloud Link: SoundCloud Link for Squnto


DanyL – Not much info can be found on this German Future/Bass House Music Producer. But the info that is important is that he puts out some of the heaviest bass house mixes I have ever heard. Absolute fire. If you like the deep filthy bass house music, this artist is for you. Check out his mix from this month below
and his soundcloud here: SoundCloud Link for DanyL
FaceBook here: FaceBook Link for DanyL


Ganja White Night – This Duo from Brussels, Belgium produce some of the most raw and unfiltered dubstep. AND I MEAN DUBSTEP. Low frequency filthy wompy wubs. They just recently put out their 11th release, being Mr. Wobble. (You can listen to their album Mr. Wobble and other albums/EP’s here.)They not only debuted the album at Infrasound Music Festival in June, but they kicked off their first American Tour at that festival and hit several locations across the US. These guys have some of the most original womps and are an artist that is absolutely SLAYING the scene right now.
Check out one of my favorite songs from the duo, Mango
also their Facebook: Ganja White Night FaceBook
and their SoundCloud: Ganja White Night SoundCloud


Minnesota – Bass Music producer from California, Minnesota creates some of the most original beats out there. He has a wide range of electronic music, ranging from wonky space trap type music, where he collabed with G Jones, to future bass house originals and everywhere in-between. He has been hitting several festivals across the nation and has just recently announced his most recent tour hitting places across the nation this fall. Starting in Colorado Springs at the end of the month September. Check out his music below and see if the tour comes to a venue near you, because you WILL want to catch his show.

Minnesota Facebook

Minnesota SoundCloud


Space Jesus – Jasha is an Alien. Not really, but the music he produces replicates some of the wonkiest, unique, and spaciest beats out there. He used to be on Gravitas Recordings (same with G Jones) but he got signed onto Wakaan Record Label, who Liquid Stranger put that label together. Since joining that label his production has gotten incredibly more in-depth and signature to his name, Space Jesus. Check out a track that he made with Liquid Stranger, Space Boss.

Space Jesus Facebook

Space Jesus SoundClound


Rezz – 21 year old producer from Niagara falls has been an artist to watch for some while. She has a dark take on some tech-house and because of this she has caught the attention of many famed producers. Such as Skrillex and Zeds Dead. She has released a track on Mau5trap and Owsla both of which caught heat and have gotten a lot of attention. Check out one of her most recent releases: Voice in the Wall, released on Mau5trap.

Rezz FaceBook

Rezz SoundCloud


YOOKiE – Duo from New York have been producing some intense beats, some of which have such a unique tempo to it, it is changing the prespective electronic music production. One of the more unique tracks Yookie has ever put out is his track that he collabed with Jamestone Thieves with, Xanax Pancakes. This tempo is unique and has a crazy bass line. It was played by Bassnectar at EDC 2015 and turned many heads. Check it out

YOOKiE SoundCloud

YOOKiE Facebook

Jade Cicada – This young producer has been creating beats since 2009 and has just recently been blowing up. He has come out with several tracks that incorporate popular tv show or music references such as “Wubbalubbadubdub” from Rick and Morty or the “Cha-Cha Slide” which is popular single that was released in 2000 by Mr. C the Slideman. Check out his filthy, glitchy, experimental take on Rick and Morty and other tracks on his Soundcloud here.


Stone Soul – Funky electronic music producer and trumpet player, Stone Soul is a hot up and coming artist that is taking the funk scene for a gnarly ride! He has several shows planned ahead of him show casing his talent including a performance at Sonic Bloom. Check out some of his funky fresh beats


Project Aspect – Colorado grown electronic music producer has been improving year after year with his quality of music. Recently he just released his recent album “All We Dream” on Adapted Records. Check it out