2018 is a little half way over… but we are still heading strong with upcoming coverage at Suwanne Hulaween with many a couple more festivals planned. Stay tunned!

We have the festivals posted individually and organized by date below. We also have our Festival menu with our regions here:


Eastern USA


Southwestern USA

Western USA

Finished 2018 Coverage

Gem and Jam 2018 in Arizona w/ Bradford Watkins Creations

Phoenix Lights Festival in Arizona 2018

Splash House June 6-8 at Palm Springs, Cali

Disc Jam Music & Arts Festival in New York June 5-8

Sonic Bloom June 14-18 2018

Global Dance Festival July 20th & 21st

Shambhala Music Festival August 12th-15th


2017 was an absolutely amazing year! Hands down our biggest and best year yet, but we plan on expanding and covering even more! Check our our list of festivals that we OFFICIALLY covered below!

Gem and Jam 2017 in Tucson AZ – Feb 2-5

Euphoria in Austin TX April 6-10th

Sonic Bloom in Rye, CO June 15-18th

Global Dance Fest, Denver, CO – July 21 & 22

Arise Music Festival, Loveland, CO August 6-9th

Groove Cruise, LA to Mexico, October 6-9th

Hulaween, Suwannee Music Park Florida October 27-29th

Goldrush Festival, Chandler, AZ November 18th & 19th

Decadence AZ & Decadence CO December 30th & 31st





Here are some Festivals that we attended in 2015/2016:


2016 Festivals

Gem and Jam Tuscon, AZ (Official Media Coverage for Govinda) Feb.12&13th

Euphoria Music and Camping Austin, TX April 7-10th (Official Festival Coverage)

Tipper and Friends Suwannee, FL April 22nd&23rd

StarTribe presents Kayla Scintilla and Desert Dwellers in Taos, NM May21-22nd (Official Coverage)

Infrasound Music Festival June 2-5 Wisconsin (Official Media Coverage)

Sonic Bloom Rye, CO June 16-19th (Official Media Coverage)

Backwoods Music Festival Stroud, OK September 2nd-4th (Official Media Coverage, Partnered w/ Party Guru)

Decadence Denver, CO December 30th&31st (Official Media Coverage – Check back after the New Year for media of event)



2015 Festivals Confirmed (The Chronic Electronic Birth year) 

Euphoria Music and Camping Festival Austin, TX

Wakarusa Music Festival: Mulberry Mountain, AR

Sonic Bloom in Rye, CO

Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI

Great North Music and Arts Festival Maine September

Dancefestopia Kansas City, MO September

Hulaween Suwannee, FL

EDC: Orlando FL

Decadence Denver CO

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