Omni Maxi Creations

Welcome to the world of Omni Maxi! Short for omniversal maximalism, taking everything in the omniverse and maximizing the potential of that and expanding it outward in all directions. My name is Joshua and I co-create all of my art through meditation, channeling, and sending my energy to the higher, benevolent levels of love and light. These energies merge as one and together we dimensionally alchemize ancient blueprints from the future into this time space now through creation and art form. Please feel free to reach out and contact me with any questions about the creations or just to talk about my process if it intrigues you. Sending maximum amounts of love and light to each and everyone of you! Shop: FB group: Omni Maxi Creation Matrix Instagram: @omni_maxi Email:

Omni Maxi Creations Shop Link

System Recalibration Charka Version – $20 Wooden Cerebral Amulets – $20

System Recalibration Shadow Self Version – $20

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