The Chronic Store

Welcome to our newest feature, the Chronic Store, where we will feature & spotlight select artists/ online stores & merchants,  whom either; hand crafted their beautiful art, supply medical wellness through organic CBD products, or use technology to advance their art into another dimension along with other creative methods; we have composed a compilation of various stores for your needs and desires. Check out the featured artists & merchants below!

Check out our featured stores; Elev8edJuicyCr8tionsOmni Maxi Creations, R E T N U H Collective9D DesignsMeeting of the Mindz, and Tanks Organics.



Juicebox is Elev8ting the cr8tions with his unique take on art & design. From intricate hand made wire wrapped guitar pendants, to unique paintings and other hands on skills, Juicebox is one of our local artists that is coming into the scene harder than ever. Check out his work above and contact him on Etsy for more questions/inquires!

R E T N U H Collective

Is your R E T N U H open? A collective bringing the best out in pins with extravagant designs and unworldly ideas. R E T N U H is a platform for artists to release and collaborate on various types of media such as hat pins, prints, apparel, etc. The goal of this collective is to create a community of artists working together to elevate their together. Contact the website RETNUH for questions / inquires!

Omni Maxi Creations

Welcome to the world of Omni Maxi! Short for omniversal maximalism, taking everything in the omniverse and maximizing the potential of that and expanding it outward in all directions. My name is Joshua and I co-create all of my art through meditation, channeling, and sending my energy to the higher, benevolent levels of love and light. These energies merge as one and together we dimensionally alchemize ancient blueprints from the future into this time space now through creation and art form. Please feel free to reach out and contact me with any questions about the creations or just to talk about my process if it intrigues you. Sending maximum amounts of love and light to each and everyone of you! Shop: FB group: Omni Maxi Creation Matrix Instagram: @omni_maxi Email:


Meeting of the Mindz

A good friend of ours with a vision to spread the best of vibes through art. His mission statement: “Rehabilitate the mind to set the body free to show you what the world is to be. I share my vision and journey with you for there is more to mind where we meet and those who can take a moment and let it speak to them on their level of energy then my work here is met. My paintings are a journey of being in and out of consciousness entering sea creatures and whips and turns to psychedelic mind benders. Meeting of the mindz. We must share what we see.”

Contact Matthew directly on his Facebook page for questions / inquires.

Tanks Organics

Colorado grown ORGANIC CBD company with the following offers:

Full spectrum alcohol base Tincture 58%(just counting cbd)
*most effective
$25 per g (580 mg) or
*15g for $400 (8700mg just factoring cbd)
*30g for $600 (17,400mg just factoring cbd)

Edible VG about 45% cbd (450mg cbd)
$12 per g/ml.
$10 each g/ml for 100+ ml (saves $200)
$8 each g/ml for 200+ ml (saves $800)

275 mg bath bombs $14 each or Ten for $120

400mg topicals $35 each,
2 for $60,
4 for $115

Bulk orders lower the price further.
Join with friends to do a multi pack and save.