Colorado’s Largest Costume Dance Party Never Disappoints [Supernatural ’18 Mini Review w/ Photo & Video]

Colorado continues to press the envelope for curating some of the biggest & best events in the nation. Recently on October 27th, Global Dance, a local production company, took over The National Western Complex Center for a night of ghoul-filled bass with the Largest Halloween Costume Dance Party in the state, Supernatural Festival. Packed tight […]

Colorado Does It Best: New Album from Local Artist “ProJect Aspect” Is Litty Titty

Colorado is absolutely jam packed with mind blowing musicians across multiple spectrums of genres.  One of those artists stands out with an exceptional impact in our scene,  Mile High Sound Movement‘s proud prodigy, and co-founder, Jerry J. of ProJect Aspect. Born and raised in Denver, Jerry has been influenced by some of the greatest music in the […]

Shambhala Rocked My Face, Ears & Soul Into Another Dimension [2018 Event Review w/ Photo&Video]

Twenty-one years of floor shaking, groundbreaking, state of the art, festival production and performance recently took over a beautiful farm tucked away in the thick and luscious forested mountain region in British Colombia. None other than one of the most revered music camping festivals in the EDM scene – Shambhala Music Festival. To many,  ‘Shambhala’ […]