ILLENIUM Just Released One of his Brightest Songs Yet: ‘Crashing’ ft. Bahari

ILLENIUM has done it again! Another absolutely BEAUTIFUL release from the magical mind of Nick Miller. Just recently, he has released what we think is one of his brightest and most beautiful songs yet! ‘Crashing’ featuring the heavenly vocals from Bahari, an alternative pop duo from California with otherworldly sounds. Together, ILLENIUM and Bahari come […]

‘Make Me Light’ by Krushendo will Spark Your Soul w/ Joy

Colorado local artist and brilliant music producer, Krushendo is making headlines with his latest release, ‘Make me Light’ featuring the angelic vocals from Tara Trufino. Inspired by metal and rock music but layered with aspects from modern electronic music production design, Krushendo has an oddly unique sound that combines the heavier drums with harmonious beats for […]

Colorado Does It Best: New Album from Local Artist “ProJect Aspect” Is Litty Titty

Colorado is absolutely jam packed with mind blowing musicians across multiple spectrums of genres.  One of those artists stands out with an exceptional impact in our scene,  Mile High Sound Movement‘s proud prodigy, and co-founder, Jerry J. of ProJect Aspect. Born and raised in Denver, Jerry has been influenced by some of the greatest music in the […]