Colorado Does It Best: New Album from Local Artist “ProJect Aspect” Is Litty Titty

Colorado is absolutely jam packed with mind blowing musicians across multiple spectrums of genres.  One of those artists stands out with an exceptional impact in our scene,  Mile High Sound Movement‘s proud prodigy, and co-founder, Jerry J. of ProJect Aspect. Born and raised in Denver, Jerry has been influenced by some of the greatest music in the […]

The Black Box Brought the Funky Vibes

This past Friday night a wonderful little event took place at one of Denver’s more intimate and interesting venues. The Black Box consistently brings in talented artists from every corner of the electronic music scene and this weekend we had the pleasure of experiencing the sound of VibeSquaD, Cualli, Eukarya, and Elusiv3. Without a doubt, […]

Arise Music Festival {2018 Event Review}

Arise Music Festival was such an incredible experience, it was a gathering of beautiful souls, a family all of who returned home for a reunion all meanwhile having gained new members to our community. A collective of artists, musicians, staff, families, and friends who all came together to create a fantastic festival experience for all.   First and foremost a salute and praise to […]