The Black Box Brought the Funky Vibes

This past Friday night a wonderful little event took place at one of Denver’s more intimate and interesting venues. The Black Box consistently brings in talented artists from every corner of the electronic music scene and this weekend we had the pleasure of experiencing the sound of VibeSquaD, Cualli, Eukarya, and Elusiv3. Without a doubt, […]

9 EDC Sets You Better Not Miss

The Electric Daisy Carnival is an actual gold mine when it comes to the most talented electronic artists in the world. Every single year Pasquale Rotella somehow manages to outdo himself from the ever-evolving stage production to the DJ’s that join us under the electric sky. There are bound to be set overlaps with the 8 […]

Rezz Rocks 2018 Is Going To Abduct Thousands of Souls

October 13th… our favorite extraterrestrial being Rezz is coming to Colorado to snatch some souls, and what better location than one of the most breath taking venues in the world, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. Appropriately named REZZ ROCKS, this is going to be her biggest show to date and considering her glorious rise in […]

Up & Coming Bass Music Prodigy: Mersiv

Mersiv, while this may be an unfamiliar name to most it’s only because the project launched back in the beginning of October by the mastermind formerly known as Benoit. Anderson Benoit Gallegos is on a mission, in these past few months he has played his first sold-out show alongside none other than The Widder and […]