‘Mountains Can’t Cry’ Templo’s Newest EP Release Hits the Feels and the Wonky Bass Vibes Properly

Colorado-based Gravitas artist, Templo has recently released a diverse and exotic EP, named; Mountains Can’t Cry. This experimental bass producer has been putting out some serious heat in his songs over the past years and then performing them live with absolute excellence! This time around, Templo put this EP together with a funky and psychedelic instrument-based EP! Each song on the release grazes the realm of similarity with fresh and lively culture type of sounds mashed together with swampy and down-tempo beats. Like the brilliant musician that he is, the EP covers the chill, the intense, and the grooveadelic. As always, Templo shows pure excellence in his diverse taste of production, like in the one song, ‘Tommy Heads West,’ there are piano keys, horns, enchanting vocals, and a western vibe that brings the song together for a roller coaster of a musical ride. Meanwhile, on Shot in the Dark, he showcases his more wobbly and darker side of production while still showcasing instrumental mastery with an electronic take on keys and strings backed with an ominous melody that leads to a swamp-like drop. He ends his EP with quite possibly one of our favorite songs ever produced by Templo, ‘RedShotScandal.’ It has a reggae type of vibe where there is a rasta influenced bass line leads smoothly into the first drop that goes into a ‘deep medi’ type of dubstep sound. But this epic and heavy-hitting sound doesn’t last long as this brilliant producer leads the wonky beat into a beautiful and harmonious filled melody that has bright vocals and up-lifting instruments that come together for a crazy take on this story that puts the magical finish to end his EP, Mountains Can’t Cry. (?)


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