A House Music Lovers Guide at Shambhala Music Festival ’19

Shambhala Music Festival is on course to celebrate their 22nd annual event on the revered Salmo River Ranch, “The Farm,” in the ever so beautiful Mountains of British Columbia. In this part of the country, respect for nature is number one, in fact, there are pigs and wildlife roaming freely through the campgrounds. Shambhala is quite the rowdy party. Nearly every stage is equipped with PK Sound, a LEGENDARY Canadian Sound system company, while the remaining stages will have with Funktion Ones. All around epic sound on this one of a kind festival grounds. The festival that has hosted world-renowned names of all sorts, they have booked artists in almost every electronic music genre, giving the audience quite a vast amount of variety of dank music from which to choose. You can go from Drum and Bass, to trap, deep house, dubstep, and back to Drum and Bass just by walking through all the stages, one after another. To be honest, the amount of beautiful and must-see music that they have here is kind of overwhelming, but to be fair, it is any true EDM lover’s heaven on earth having this amount of talented names or overlapping set time performances. Shambhala Music Festival is known for the heavier styles of bass, from having Excision perform there multiple years in a row (and return this year for a much anticipated set at the Village,) to all types of Drum and Bass acts for the Canadian Bass Heads! But when I was there doing media coverage last year, one of the unspoken-for genres was Deep House. Every time I stumbled across or sought out a Deep House set at Shambs last year, the performance was absolutely top level fun and the production was mind-boggling which resulted with the crowd absolutely losing their minds. If you haven’t experienced a deep house set at 6/7 am in the morning, then you just don’t know how weird things can get and because of that weird, beautiful, one of a kind vibe of Deep House & Bass House, we are putting together our first Music Guide for Shambhala House Music Lovers. We break it down stage by stage and the types of house that will be heard there, check it out below and if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, we highly recommend you do so TODAY as they are around 90% sold out!!

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Pagoda Stage

Perhaps one of the most iconic stages at the legendary festival, the Pagoda Stage will be home to a handful of diverse and party fueled house music. This stage is a massive 3 story structure, designed as a crazy looking home, that is able to be visually projected on with the artists SELECT music. Not only do they have each set curated to that artist’s visual design team, but they change performers throughout the night for the most awe-inspiring experience possible. Adding in the epic visual stimulation with the best vibes possible that spawn from house music, it truly becomes a party unlike any other. They are catering to quite a diverse range of house fans by bringing in Bass House, Deep House, Electro House, and even Progressive House artists! If you want to know what artists will bring what style of music, check out the list below:

AC Slater, Owner of Night Bass Records, AC Slater is a true OG to the Bass House scene and has always catered to the heavier styles of house music. His releases & unreleased music is something of ‘god level’ when it comes to Bass House.

Anna Lunoe, A female deep house producer who dabbles with some bass heavy tracks. Her mix of deep and bass heavy tracks are a perfect party going music and having music released Dim Mak, Spinnin’ Records, and Night Bass, Anna Lunoe is reaching every realm of house music and is quite the act to see live.

Anti Up, the snazzy duo of Chris’s have been TAKING over the deep/bass house. Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo have teamed up for one of the biggest collabs in House history. Chris Lake having a more Deep House take on his production, matches perfectly with Chris Lorenzo who dabbles with Bass House more often than not. Together their music makes for the ultimate live performance.

Black Tiger Sex Machine, the masked trio from Canada will be returning to Shambhala for another electrifying performance on the Pagoda Stage. Now they may not be all house music as they are heavy with dubstep and DnB as well, but they originated with Electro House and ever since then have been releasing hard-hitting electro and house bangers!


Deathpact, the ominous sounding and one of the biggest new producers, Deathpact will be making his/her/their world debut at Shambhala on the Pagoda Stage. This new wave of death electro (Music like Rezz / 1788-L) is one of the hottest genres in the EDM scene currently and has all types of artists testing the waters on the dance floors. Deathpact has a superbly bass-heavy take on the Death Electro sound but not too spaced out and sporadic like 1788-L. This is one for the heavy bass loving house heads. Check out “Formality” from Deathpact for a little taste of the party side of the death electro.

Dr. Fresch, the man behind the Prescription Records, Dr. Fresch is an innovator on the Gangster House, aka Future Ghetto. He does a magnificent blend of bass house with trap/future bass. His live performances are always a party and when he throws down the Gangster House, it truly becomes a party like no other.

Justin Martin, Dirtybird Justin Martin will be quite the performance to catch on the Pagoda as he has some funny yet groovy tracks. Justin Martin is an extravagant producer who likes to have fun on stage and with that comes some weird tech/deep house, sprinkled with his DnB selects.

Kaskade, This is a big one for Shambhala, world-renowned, ‘tear maker’ / progressive house feel good artist, Kaskade will be having quite the special performance at Shambhala. Many are rumoring we will see Kaskade do a sunrise set, but no matter his set time, the feel-good music from Kaskade will be an absolute delight to see. He is progressive house/trance but don’t be fooled, he is one of the world’s biggest DJ’s, he will mash in some hype whether its Deep/Bass House or DnB, Kaskade will bring the party to the Pagoda.

Paul Oakenfold, *NOT HOUSE MUSIC. Paul Oakenfold will be changing the vibes up with TRANCE music but with some people considering house music relatively close (not really) to that genre of music, we figured to add him to the guide. He is a true OG to the Trance scene having over 30 years experience DJ’ing and producing many recognized anthems. He has made history by being the first DJ to play at the Stonehenge and on top of that he has been awarded, Voted ‘Worlds Best DJ’ (1998 & 1999) by DJ Magazine, Voted ‘Best Trance DJ’ (1999, 2000, 2004) at the DJ Awards, and BMI Film Music Award, for Swordfish in 2002. He is a legend and is definitely worth checking out for a change up of pace.

Noizu, Up and Coming Bass House superstar, Noizu is coming out of left field with his magnificent take on bass house. He has quite the take on Bass House music with his weird and wonky sound design. This will be his first performance at Shambhala and it is a much-anticipated one!

Zeds Dead, the Canadian Duo are making an EPIC return to Shambhala! Zeds Dead are known for the glorious dub, their party fueled house music, their rowdy Drum and Bass, their beautiful Future Bass, and everywhere in-between. We can’t say that Zeds Dead will play A LOT of House music, but we can guarantee that there will be at least some House music to be heard. Zeds Dead LOVES their house music as they are known to have Zeds Deep After Parties with strictly deep house sets and with some of their biggest releases being Deep House, we can only expect a crazy party from the boys behind DeadBeats.

Zhu, the mysterious and award-winning Zhu will be rocking Shambhala with the rock-backed trio house group. Zhu has been put out some of the best music in the scene with Faded to their popping remix of Bad and Boujee from Migos. This will be quite an interesting set to catch on the Pagoda as the trio play instruments and completely rock out with their sexy house music. Do not miss out on the guitar/sax/ and piano formed group, Zhu. *And If you didn’t know, Zhu is his own vocalist!*


Fractal Forest

This is one of the stages where you let go of reality and live in the moment… and there’s no escaping that. Walking into the Fractal Forest at Shambhala is like walking into a different dimension. The immersive 360 set up stage completely engulfs the crowd by having overhead lasers in every direction, unique & iconic visual art design pieces that are suspended in the trees 20+ feet high which get projected on. The Fractal Forest has been home to artists who throw down funk, drum and bass, and house music; made up from some of the biggest names in the world to the locals in Canada that have been absolutely slaying and everywhere in between. This years lineup of house music at Fractal Forest is absolutely astonishing! Dive deep into house music mayhem that will be held in quite possibly one of the most mind-bending stages ever!

Silk CityThis is a massive one to have in the intimate and exotic Fractal Forest, one of the biggest stars in the world Diplo has a side project with Mark Ronso, Silk City. A lush deep house music experience where they dabble with soul-filled electro goodness. They have put out a handful of songs within the last year but surprisingly have no events to perform at before Shambhala. Silk City is hands down one of the rarest performances that we will be getting at Shambhala this year, so don’t miss out!

SNBRNThe tropical vibes will be coming out in full strength, prepare for some SNBRN, even in the middle of the night. Cali based deep house/tropical house producer is a much-anticipated artist to catch at Shambhala. He throws down some of the happiest themed music with his tropical sounds but can change it up in an instant to some naughty bass house or feet stomping deep house. Mash it all together and it is a performance that will leave you winded due to dancing so much!

Jack BeatsA taste of the underground London house scene will be landing strong in the Fractal Forest by the duo Jack Beats. Even though it’s outside, the vibes will be straight from down unda. Jack Beats have truly have helped the bass scene movement by putting out some of the biggest anthem bass house songs in the scene. He has had releases on OWSLA, Night Bass, and Rinse Records, and has had some of the biggest names in the world play out his music to massive crowds. Jack Beats are a guaranteed rowdy time and will cater to the house music lovers needs.

Goldfishanother international duo, from South Africa, the groovy, Goldfish! These two have quite an interesting take on deep house music by adding in some instruments. David, plays the breath-based instruments, Saxophone and Flute while Dominic plays Keyboards and Electric Upright Bass. Together they have some of the most soothing, grooving, beautiful deep house music that has ever graced this earth. If you love funk, soul, and ‘organic’ house music, then you’ll be at this set without a doubt.

VOLACYet ANOTHER International duo! VOLAC are two crazy awesome and humble Russian artists who throw down some of the craziest styles of Deep / Bass House music. They have put out some club rocking songs through self-releasing songs, Spinnin’ Records and of course, through the magnificent Night Bass label. AC Slater was definitely a huge help to getting these guys acknowledged in the scene and on top of that they have a dazzling take on bass house music. Truly a one of a kind sound that will match the one of a kind vibe of Shambhala perfectly!

Tony RomeraShambhala is a beautiful home to bringing International artists of all sorts. Tony Romera, a French artist, has released some of the biggest deep house music through multiple labels; OWSLA // MAD DECENT // CONFESSION // SANS MERCI // INTERSCOPE and DIM MAK. His wide variety of label releases also shows his diverse production. A true deep house music mastermind.

CazztekOne of the biggest up & coming Deep House superstars will be gracing the forest! The sounds of Cazztek are becoming worldwide bangers, he has even put out a song ‘Came to Get Funky’ that has gotten a lot of traction from producers across the planet, including a remix from one of the crowd favorites of the Shambhala locals, Defunk.

Neon Steve, leading into the local mayhem at Fractal Forest, Neon Steve, from Victoria in B.C (now in Salt Spring Island, outside of Vancouver.) He has had some releases on Confession, a label founded by Tchami, Punks, and Psycho Disco. Some of his collaborations are out of this world with the ultimate party vibes. Neon Steve does a gnarly take on Deep House / Bass House and being one of the bigger local DJs at Fractal Forest, the crowd will for sure show up in bulk and with the best of vibes.

Skiitour, another rocking local, Skiitour will be packing the forest tightly with their much-anticipated set. They have put out some epic releases on multiple records; Double Black Records | Fools Gold | Punks | Westwood Recordings | Fort Knox Recordings. Skiitour has a funkier take on the heavier styles of deep house and being in the home of a funky party, they will appeal to all house music lovers.

Smalltown DJ’s, Last but not least, one of the last notable house acts on the Fractal Forest Stage is Smalltown DJ’s. These local Smalltown DJ’s are masters in their craft. They graze the barrier of disco vibes mashed together with modern tech house. Their music that they have released is absolutely foot-shuffling fantastic. And with their epic DJ skills, they put together some of the craziest performances live!

The Funk Hunters & Stickybuds are notable acts to see for your house music needs, but they play mainly funk and drum and bass, still they are expected to play some high energy house music!



Here, at the AMP stage of Shambhala Music Festival, the way the area is set up, the attendees are there in the crowd mainly for the audio experience. With minimal visual production but rocking PK Sound that reverberates off the walls in a mini, man-made valley with a shaded structure above part of the back part of the space. Some of the heaviest bass acts come here and with that heavy bass comes a hell of a party.

Mija, is one of the biggest female producers in the scene and she will be showing Shambhala just how hard she can go! Mija has productions of all types so her performance may not be all house music, but she has put out some awesome deep house music that borders the genres of trap and dubstep.

Billy Kenny, For Americans, this may be your only time to see revered tech/deep/bass/and acid house producer, Billy Kenny. (He brought weed to an airport and got his American Visa revoked. We can’t wait to see him in a Country where it is legalized!)  He has put out a vast amount of epic music throughout This Ain’t Bristol and Relief Records. His sound design is some of the most cunning and diverse house music out there. You’ll want to get weird at this set without a doubt. THIS WILL BE OUR CHRONIC SELECT SET FOR A DESIGNATED HOUSE MUSIC SMOKE DOWN. WE KNOW THE VILLAGE USUALLY HAS A MASSIVE SMOKE DOWN, LIKE THEY DID DURING STYLUST LAST YEAR, BUT ONTOP OF THAT, LETS HAVE A MASSIVE SMOKE-DOWN DURING BILLY KENNY’S SET.

Chuurch, A Canadian duo who have been Shambhala veterans for the past couple of years, Chuurch has quite a unique take on house music. They dabble with mid-tempo electro, kinda like Deathpact, but in a weird and wonky way. Chuurch labels their sound as Lean Bass and it indeed makes you lean. Most of their releases are on Deadbeats and every single song of theirs has a distinct sound that you can tell it is by Chuurch, yet they all differ enough to where none of it sounds exactly like another song. Do not miss out on your righteous Chuurch sesh.

Left/Right, Another big name Up & Coming producer, Left/Right is coming out of left field with his massive releases on PUNKS, Mau5trap, Dirtybird, and In/Rotation. He is from Dallas but that is not limiting his range of music, Left/Right has a bright / tech take on deep house.

SkiiTour, the Canadian local is playing another performance and you can expect some house music from Skiitour at the Amp!


The Living Room

By far, one of the most chill and relaxed stages of the festival, the Living Room brings Shambhala to life with lively lamps posted all around the spacious trees. Scattered within that are various art installations and all types of people soaking in the beauty from Shambhala. This is the only stage that has direct access and views to the river that flows by Salmo River Ranch. This kind of clarity is unlike anything else that you can get at other stages in the world. Right on the river nestled in the mountains getting blasted with epic sound to some calm music, there is nothing better than that. Here are some of the house music producers that will be playing more peaceful deep house music, Riverside at The Living Room!

Poolside, Now here is some quality music that you want when chilling at a beautiful location like the Living Room, Poolside. They describe their music as Daytime Disco music, and that it is indeed! Their slower take on deep house puts a certain type of vibe out that honestly makes it feel like a way more groovy style of modern elevator music. When Shambhala is overwhelming you and you need to take a breather, Poolside is where you should be.

Doc Martin, One of the OG’s in American deep house music will be gracing Shambhala with his top-notch selections of underground beats. Doc Martin has been in the game for a long time and while he may not have many songs releases, his live sets are out of this world.

Marques Wyatt, Another OG in the American deep house scene, Marques Wyatt has a more club feel on the deep house, that grazes some harmonious melodies and some deep wonky beats.

Fred Everything, A Montreal local, Fred Everything is an anticipated set to catch at The Living Room. He too has a select taste in deep house variations mashed together with the best of underground vibes.

Be Svendsen, What do you think of when you think ‘Wild Wild West Cowboy music mashed together with modern tech house.’ We think of Be Svendsen! This up and comer from Copenhagen has an ‘old timer’ take on tech house, putting in samples of rattles, whistles, and other sounds that resemble the sounds of the Wild Wild West. His remixes are what to take note of though, with ‘Bones’ having samples from Johnny Cash and his remix of José Larralde, an Argentinean vocal prodigy. Be Svendsen has the perfect taste in classic country music alongside the best styles of tech house. If you want to party on a farm, like a farmer, this is where you should do it.


The Village

One of the most legendary stages in North America, The Village at Shambhala Music Festival is home to some of the rowdiest, heaviest, bass acts in the world. They have had notable acts the iconic Excision Shambhala mix series from 08′-17 along with all type of OG music acts such as Nero, Griz, Rusko, and more! This stage is insane in creativity as the stage makes the audience the main focus. Branching off either side from the stage are stairs that lead way to walkway/patio thing that is an upper level above the crowd. It borders the barrier of the crowd and in the midst of the crowd, where the Front of House his, is another structure where you can walk up and dance in. And of course, with a nam like the Village, the environment of the stage has a crazy tribal type of vibe to it. Now there isn’t much house music on this stage, but there will be two artists who we can expect some kind of house music from!

Jauz, Sharkfam will be showing up in full strength for the much anticipated Jauz performance. When he was just a checkout clerk and had quit his job to pursue his love for music, he had simple (yet FANTASTIC) bass house and trap songs that rocked the clubs around the world. With his unique sound he has evolved into so much more than just interesting deep house. He has collaborated with artists like Zeds Dead, Diplo, Marshmello, BorgoreNetsky, and Megaldon, just to name a few, and within those artists, he has produced, Drum and Bass, future bass, dubstep and everything in-between. We know that he may throw down a heavy set being in the Village, but don’t be surprised when he goes deep on the bass house for a good bit, he has some iconic songs like Rock Tha Party, Feel the Volume, his remix of Bugatti, and that’s just to name some of the classics.

Nero, yet another artist that won’t completely dabble in house music, Nero is quite renowned for their dark dub and hypnotizing bass music. To be fair though, their dark taste in music expands to the realm of Electro house and when they choose some dark Electro, it gets the crowd poppin’! They did a re-take on their classic song, Innocence, and this re-take has a deathly electro-vibe to it. Considering Nero are legends in the scene and there is a crazy mid-tempo electro craze that is worldwide, we can expect some f*cked up music from these guys. It will be groovy, it will be dark and it will be a set that all house lovers should enjoy.


The Grove

Last but not least, the Grove! Another trippy environment where art installations are posted throughout the woods bordering the viewing area. The Grove is home to some of the more experimental, downtempo beats. They include names like Tipper, CharlestheFirst, Drumspyder, and so many more experimental freeform bass superstars. This year they are pushing the boundaries with chill and weird. Unfortunately, from what we could find, there was no house music to be heard at this stage. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out and expand your horizons!

Honorable Mentions for locals: ZBit, DJ Soup, Wallis, and Logan Heart (On Pagoda) , Joseph Martin, Jgirl, Manousos, & Neighbour (On Fractal Forest) , Rennie Foster (on The Living Room)

There is a plentiful amount of house music to catch among so many other variations of EDM in the crazy and iconic lands of Shambhala. It can get overwhelming with set times and overlapping conflicts, but its all worth it! We hope that you all appreciated this house music lovers guide to Shambhala Music Festival 2019 as it gives you a brief glimpse into the variations and styles of house music that will be raging on the farm this August. Don’t forget to get tickets if you haven’t yet.

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