Sonic Bloom 2019 Artist Highlight: Culprate (USA Debut Music Festival Performance)

Sonic Bloom in Colorado is looking forward to their 14th annual event at the beautiful Hummingbird Ranch in the Spanish Peaks County from June 20th to June 23rd.  Developed from the musical masterminds of Zilla; Jamie Janover, Michael Travis and Aaron Holstein (VibeSquad,) Sonic Bloom has a certain type of creative atmosphere where the artists that come to the Unified Field are beyond expectation and unlike anything, anyone has ever seen or heard. As quoted from one of the founders in an exclusive interview that we did with Jamie Janover, the Unified Field in a festival aspect, in essence, is “to unify the vibe of all the people that are participating, and that would include every single person. The idea is to try to express as many forms of human creativity as possible, at the same time at the same place.” (Full quote posted at bottom of the page.)

Despite being a relatively small festival, this intimate festival has a unique experience that brings in some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene. In the early years of Bloom, they had Bassnectar, who rocked the grounds with incredible sound diversity, from heavy bass to psychedelic breakdowns, lofi beats, and that west coast bass, Bassnectar was the key element to the type of music that Sonic Bloom would book from then on out. Since then they have brought in many acts that have pushed the boundaries in music production, with artists like Tipper, Liquid Stranger, Desert Dwellers, Dirtwire, and The Widdler. As Colorado’s premier Electronic Music Festival, they truly do not disappoint. They are bringing in an OG producer in the electronic music soundscape, British producer and artistic genius, Culprate, for his first Music Festival performance in the states! To make it even better, the wonky, liquidy, exotic sounding Culprate will be treating Sonic Bloom to TWO sets, one of which will be a sunrise set. (With one of Yheti‘s sets leading into the Culprate Sunrise performance!)

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So who is Culprate and why is Sonic Bloom his first place to debut in the States? 

Let’s start off with the back history of Culprate, back to UKF times. If you know about UKF, good on you if not, no worries. Basically, UKF is a music sharing outlet on YouTube, where they had quite the influence on the bass scene across the world. Big name artists such as Excision, Flux Pavilion, Cookie Monsta, Rusko, Zeds Dead, and many more iconic dubstep and drum and bass artists had released on this label. Culprate had joined this list of artists around 6 years ago when he released the massive hit and instant dubstep classic, Nightmares in Reality. Although to be fair, his first massive release is a 4 song EP “5-Star,” and is one of the releases that really put Culprate into the playing field.

Since then, Culprate has had quite an impact on the scene! He has had massive releases on several bass labels across the world being; OWSLA, Methlab, Inspected Records, CRITICAL Recordings, RAM Records, NEOSIGNAL, and Disciple! Through the record label releases alone, you can see the diversity in his production. With Owsla and Inspected, his releases were more Liquid, breakbeat, funky, soul-filled good. While on the Critical Recordings and Disciple Records, Culprate put out more of a heavier and rowdier take on his production. Then with Methlab and Ram Records, the releases were more based on the genres of drum and bass, Neurofunk dankness.

Mashed amongst this are multiple collaborations that are absolutely legendary! One of our favorites, “If You Hadn’t” is in collaboration with some of the biggest names of Neurofunk, downtempo, and experiment bass, being; KOAN SoundAsa, and Opiuo. (If you don’t know those artists, please check them out and dive deep into a beautiful world of music!) “If you Hadn’t” is not the only time that Culprate has collaborated with Koan Sound and Asa. They have joined forces multiple times putting out some of the most beautiful music that has ever graced my ears. Here is a list of other songs that those 3 artists have collaborated on; Beyond the Shadows(w/ Gemini,) Mosaic (w/ Sorrow,) and Cascade (w/ Reso.) But if you think that from those collaborations that he is mainly chill and no go hard, well then think again! He has some remixes that are insanely nasty and are perfect examples of his grimy side! Such as; his remix of Koan Sound’s classic Funk Blaster or his take on the massive anthem from Skrillex – “Make it Bun Dem,” or even his remix of Ed Sheeran’s – “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.

Being from the U.K., where obviously Drum and Bass thrives, underground house thrives just as well and Culprate has taken full advantage of this by doing his own take on bass house. He featured Habstrakt on a UKF track, “Inertia” and had remixed Etnik’s – “N7” to become one deeper. These are just a few songs from his heavily armed musical arsenal. He has quite the library of speaker bumping, tear-jerking, body moving beats, with such diversity, he is truly a phenomenon in music production. Scroll down a little further to check out our top 10 Favorites of Culprate’s music for a small taste of what is on the horizon for the Unified Field!

Defunk at Sonic Bloom 2016

By having this great diversity in his production with variations of Drum n Bass/ Neurofunk, Deep/Bass House, Dubstep, and downtempo, Culprate has resulted with a worldwide fan base.  A lot of his fan base are festival goers, which some are more than likely are previous attendees/fans of Sonic Bloom, and of course, that festival is a place where the same diversity is greatly encouraged. For his debut performance in the States, a place where Electronic Music thrives from Coast to Coast and everywhere in-between, it makes sense that he hits the home of the Bass capital, the home of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado. For years, before I was even alive, Colorado has been making history with bringing in iconic and legendary names that have revolutionized music forever. Such as The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and so many more, who all of which have played at the awe-inspiring beautiful venue of Red Rocks in Morrison, or at various mountain towns like Aspen or Telluride. As time goes on and music evolves, the experience of ‘music going’ has as well. Colorado has become quite the hub for festivals, not only because of the vast space in beautiful nature but also because Colorado is a leading state in microbreweries. As electronic music has become more prominent over the years, the burners and musical geniuses of Zilla created Sonic Bloom to be, Colorado’s Premier Electronic Music Festival. A camping festival nested in the beauty of Colorado. They have made quite the impact over the years with their musical booking history and with Culprate finally able to work in the States, Sonic Bloom was quick to get this opportunity of a lifetime. Sonic Bloom has always had weird and wonky music and now Culprate will only add to the list. We highly recommend catching BOTH sets of his! A sunrise set at Sonic Bloom is already something else and breathtaking as is, but as in Culprate and its a feeling unlike no other.

Check out our top 10 favorites of Culprate below, follow his socials, get more information about Sonic Bloom with our Interview with Jamie Janover, and buy Sonic Bloom Tickets if you haven’t already!

Interview with Jamie Janover Snippet:(Click Here To Read Full Interview.)

What exactly is the Unified Field Theory? How do you think that correlates with Sonic Bloom? In a nut shell, the Unified Field Theory is a set of information that explains the entire universe. It shows how everything in the universe is a unified connected whole and the details surrounding how that works. It is very ornate with tons of information that comprise the Unified Field Theory. Basically, it manifests itself into the festival in that we are trying to unify the vibe of all the people that are participating, and that would include every single person. The idea is try to express as many forms of human creativity as possible, at the same time at the same place. When you do that, you get a really cohesive vibe going and “unify the field”… our own personal fields, in the greater context of the field that exists everywhere, the thing that we call Space.

The full Sonic Bloom 2019 Lineup just got released, check it out below!

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