Space Trash Volume II by Templo Will Take You to the Galactic Realm of Wonky Bass

Welcome aliens, to the world of weird and wonky styles of bass music.  Templo, an alien in disguise – a music producer from Colorado, has recently put out a wondrous bass-filled EP to kick off his first releases in 2019. In the last months of 2018, he put out the first volume to Space Trash. An EP that pushed the boundaries of free form bass music incorporated with unique instrumental samples. Well, no more than a week ago, he followed up that EP with the 2nd Volume, Space Trash Vol. II. This 4 track EP is packed full with brilliant sound design and drops that will take you by surprise! Each track has its own vibe but all radiate similarities that scream Templo’s vibe. He incorporated mind-blowing samples and has an interesting take using select instruments that tie along perfectly with his style of nasty bass. All in all, this Space Trash vol II EP is nowhere near trash, it is a glorious piece of audio art that will take you to the galactic realm of wonky bass music. Check out his EP below and make sure to follow him on his socials!

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