Deja Voom Gets More Magical By The Minute [Day 2 Deja Voom EVENT REVIEW]

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Day 2, now that everyone is settled in, it is time to really begin the party. Waking up with a full round of mimosas and coffee served by our wonderful waiter Ivan is heaven sent. Ivan was very friendly as we had a short chat with him regarding what he thought about the Bassnectar community. He expressed his love for our free and joyful spirits and mentioned that he was actually given tickets to the show and could not wait. The mixture of cultures and spread of music is what this is all about, and it is wonderful to see the Bassnectar community getting to share their music and love with all of the staff and people of Mexico.

After everyone got their energy for the day, it was time for the festivities to begin. Friday starts the highly anticipated pool parties featuring Kyrian Bobeerian, Beats Antique (DJ SET), Ott., El Papachango, 29 Palms (Ooah & Boreta). The pool party felt like something that would be expected at a billionaires birthday bash. Waiters walking around with pinacoladas and mimosas, thumping sound system, and an intimate stage allowed everyone to really vibe off of each other. Being such an early set the music was geared much more for people to just relax and swim in the pools enjoying themselves with friends. The addition of pool parties was a very nice touch and really was the icing on the cake.


Ott. Bringing The Vibe at the Pool Party for Deja Voom

Ott. bringing the vibe for the pool parties in Mexico

Posted by The Chronic Electronic on Saturday, March 2, 2019


After the pool party, we were invited to a 4-course fine dining seafood feast. Consisting of fine wine, lobster, grouper, shrimp, mussels, crab, and to finish it off a round of tequila. I am not exaggerating when I say that was easily one of the best meals I have ever had. Moments like these are where it is truly different to believe that you are at a Bassnectar event.

Unfortunately, the dinner was so fantastic that we had lost track of time and missed Ott. And The Glitch Mob’s sets. But, rolling in just in time for Rezz was a nice delight as the space mom absolutely crushed her set. Transferring her hypnotic frequencies across the misted ocean air in a bone-crushing fashion. I would say that the highlight of her set was the premiere of an unreleased collab with Sayer.

Next up, we have the King of the Sound coming out for his second night of mayhem, and mayhem he surely delivered. The feel of this set came very differently from last night, as Lorin clearly was in the mood to party hard. Opening with a Caspa-Louder tease into Zogdilla (Iggy Azalea-Kream vocals) it was very clear it was a pedal to the metal type of night. The first section of the set was pretty trap heavy getting the blood flowing through the crowd.

Bassnectar bringing out his inner THUG in Mexico

Bassnectar bringing out his inner THUG in Mexico

Posted by The Chronic Electronic on Saturday, March 2, 2019


As the set progressed Bassnectar was taking us on a trip straight up a mountain of intensity. The set just kept getting heavier and heavier by the minute. He almost had a different swagger and style to this set, it might just be me but this almost felt like a new and improved Bassnectar. One thing that was new and out of the ordinary was the debut of his new collab with Jantsen “BOUTTA GET HEKTIC feat. Born I Music” (video below).

NEW NEW NEW Bassnectar & Jantsen “BOUTTA GET HEKTIC feat. Born I Music”

Bassnectar's HEAVY new collab with @Jantsen “BOUTTA GET HEKTIC feat. Born I Music”

Posted by The Chronic Electronic on Saturday, March 2, 2019


This song was an absolute BANGER, heavily influenced by the new and widely popular neuro sound that the bass music scene has attached to over the past couple of years. If this song is any representation of what to expect from Bassnectar production in 2019, buckle up. He played a lot of neuro throughout the night and you could tell he had been in the lab experimenting with unique ways to mix the genre as it had that special Bassnectar touch to his stylistic approach on mixing. To end his set, he played a very rare Skin on the Drum (Bassnectar Remix) accompanied with an inspiring message about strength in oneself. This was a very emotional moment for the fans as it really hit home with what makes the Bassnectar experience so special. After the photo he encored with a jaw-dropping array of songs, Horizons (Intergalactic Vocals)>Enter the Chamber (You Know My Steez vocals)>ASAP ROCKY- Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (Bassnectar Edit)(Got Yourself a Gun vocals)>Danny Breaks- The Jellyfish (Total Wreck vocals). The set was one for the books and reminds us why “Ain’t No Party Like A Bassnectar Party”.

Unfortunately, we were unable to make it to any of the after party festivities but have heard amazing things from all the artists who performed, especially Jansten and Yheti. We are extremely excited for tonight’s lineup as we will be at The Deep Medi Takeover all night, so look out for full coverage on the festivities for Saturday!

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