Up & Coming Artist of the Month: Krushendo

Starting the New Year off strong is future bass artist Krushendo, who completely slayed the 2018 year and has quite a bright future for the road ahead. He is Fort Collins-based but has been all across the front range for performances far and near and everywhere in-between.  Last year he blew minds at two major Colorado Grown festivals, Sonic Bloom and Arise and countless heartwarming shows at Cervantes, Aggie, the Black Box, and many more! He has had major releases such as “Make Me Light,” “The Final Boss,” and a plentiful amount of remixes that add up for a diverse range of music. Krushendo is ‘Relentless’ with his production and has no plans of stopping soon! Make sure to check out his page for his latest releases as he has some major projects in the works! Follow his socials below to stay up to date!

Krushendo Facebook

Krushendo Soundcloud

Krushendo Twitter

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