Top 10 Favorite Dance Music Songs Used in Video Games

We teamed up with our friends at Big Show Entertainment (BEN Afterdark) & The Addicks to bring you a Top 10 Favorite Dance Music Songs Used in Video Games! This list covers classic techno beats to recent bangers and popular songs from some of the most played games in the world, to old school ones that changed the course of gaming for ever! So grab your headphones, pump the music, and get ready to dive deep into the electronic world of dance music and video games. We put together a special video in collaboration with Big Show Entertainment to bring you the list in a unique way, so take a glimpse at the video below and indulge in our list with links to the songs.

10. Rocket League – Shiawase – Dion Timmer 

Starting the list off strong is one of the more popular games in today’s age, Rocket League. A game widely played across all types of consoles – almost anyone can play, and as it is fairly priced, it’s a game that has spread like wildfire. A futurist themed game, Rocket League takes the best of Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, and other sports and mashes it together with high tech cars. You can imagine this gets pretty intense. They have quite the soundtrack to match this intensity too and out of the vast selection, we found at Dion Timmer just hit the feels properly with his song Shiawase.

9. NFL Madden 16– Through The Roof – Hermitude ft Young Tapz

Sports games are supposed to pump you up for the win and get the blood moving. NFL Madden 16 had the soundtrack to do just that. In the dance music aspect they had a few that really took us away, but Hermitude‘s song “Through the Roof” just matched the ecstatic energy from Football while still had it’s trappin’ type of feel. Featuring a vocalist Young Taps, Hermitude has the perfect heavy bass song to get your shoulders shrugging in anticipation for the win.

8. Midnight Club 3 – Deep South – The Ratt Pakk

Going back to the classics, a game played on either the Xbox or Playstation 2.. one of the original Racing games that changed the course for racing games, Midnight Club 3. An illegal street racing game that took the hearts of every avid racer. It gave the ability for full customization on a vehicle from looks to performance. This allowed for all types of cars to be driven across the SoCal area and of course when in SoCal, gotta bump some of the dankest music. Even back in 2008. So here is The Ratt Pakk with “Deep South” a Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition anthem!

7. Fifa 16 – It’s Strange – Louis the Child

An example of a world phenomena is how every country can come together for the a sport, futbol (or soccer as us Americans call it.) Soccer is the most played sport in the world and with that comes one of the biggest sporting leagues, FIFA. For multiple years EA Games has been producing Fifa video games for all types of consoles! Each year they had a fantastic arrangement of music but the 2016 year was absolutely lit with dank songs. Wasn’t easy choosing one from this epic soundtrack but given the back history of Louis The Child and how popping their song “It’s Strange” is, it was a no-brainer to go with a vibe song like this! Hearing this beat after a victory is rather rewarding.

6. Motorstorm Apocalypse – Powermove – Hardwell & Moksi

Looking for some high-end adrenaline off-road racing? Well, the creators behind Motorstorm have the game for you! Motorstorm is a high intensity racing game that has rather realistic crashes and gnarly maps that can leave you stuck for hours. On one of their games, Motorstorm Apocalypse, the maps are changed to a more Mad Max type of feel and with that, some high-intensity music comes along. On this soundtrack they we’re able to bring in one of the biggest DJ’s in the world, Hardwell. Hardwell collaborated with an up and coming bass house artist, Moksi, where they created a high energy song, Powermove. An absolute banging track that matches the craziness of the gameplay!

5. Command & Conquer – Mutants – Tiberian Sun Soundtrack

We had to go back to the classics. The Command & Conquer game series is one of the most awe-inspiring video game series that really opened the doors for other video games that are classified in the MMORPG realm. One of their releases, Tiberian Sun, had quite the soundtrack for being released in 1999. A retro garage / industrial electronic kinda vibe that got composed by Frank Klepacki and Jarrid Mendelson. One of the tracks Mutant is the one we selected because for being created way back then, this song still holds a pure strong edm vibe while also being a song that matches the strategical and futurist war-themed gameplay. Check it out below.

4. Forza Horizon 4 – Auckland Sunrise – Fred V & Grafix

An Xbox exclusive and proud gem, Forza Horizon 4 has made the list of our top favorite songs used in video games. As many know racing games are games that leave you on the edge of your seat while traveling at insane speeds.  To match that feeling some fast-paced music is added in to really keep you going and moving quickly. For years their soundtracks have been rather impressive but their more recent game, Horizon 4, had some up to date music with some of our favorite artists. Again another soundtrack that was rather hard to narrow down to one song, but our selection goes to the heavenly duo of Fred V & Grafix and their song, “Auckland Sunrise.”

3. Gran Turismo Sport – Run You – The Qemists

My personal favorite racing game, a PlayStation exclusive, and one of the most legendary video game series out there, Gran Turismo. This game has gotten some gnarly reviews regarding how realistic the racing is and to some people it is too difficult. But for myself & others that difficulty spawns amusement and with that comes some of the best racing gameplay in the world. So with this quality of gameplay, the music selection has to be even better. The most recent Gran Turismo, G.T Sport, is making headway as a leading game for electronic music. Nearly the whole soundtrack is loaded with popular and underground songs from all over the world. Clearly influenced by the European music scene, there are tons of artists who offered an unique sound but the one that stuck out to us the most comes from a punk rock type of electronic band. The Qemists. A five piece hardcore punk and bass-heavy group who incorporates their grunge vocals with high energy Drum n Bass. This combination is deadly (you can drive way to fast) and it clearly shows as the song, “Run You” is non stop adrenaline pumper from start to finish. Check it out below!

2. DMC: Devil May Cry– Hunters Theme – Noisia

Another legendary game series makes the list as DMC: Devil May Cry makes our number 2 spot on our top favorite songs used in video games. But this one is a little bit more different than the rest. On this soundtrack, they brought in one of the pioneers of their craft, the gods of Drum n Bass, Noisia. The trio who have created their own record labels, Vision, Division, and Invisible Records, had gotten a massive and unique opportunity to produce a full-length album for the complete use in a popular and violent video game. (Flip NOISIA upside down to see how they came up with VISION Recordings.) Of course, being goofy brilliant bastards, the group came up with, in my opinion. the best game soundtrack composed by one artist. There are some songs on the soundtrack that just breach a mere 40 seconds that are clearly used for quick fights or cutscenes. But for the most part, there are some heavy hitting beats that have gone under the radar since it only got released on that soundtrack. One of the most blood pumping songs that fit the vibe of this gore-filled vampire game, is Hunters Theme.

1. NHL 13 – Pennywise Tribute – Bassnectar

Last but most certainly not least, The King of the Sound made it to our top favorite spot as his song matches the games vibe hand in hand. None other than Bassnectar with his “Pennywise Tribute” song off of Vava Voom, for the 2013 edition of NHL. Another great game presented by EA Sports, NHL 13 was the turning point for hockey games. Where the hits and passes became more realistic and the graphics started to rapidly increase in quality. This game was one of my favorites and to hear the absolutely rowdy song from Bassnectar absolutely perfected the experience. He took his Bassnectar style of producing crunchy and raunchy music and matching it with a fun and vibey Drum and Bass track…a banger of a track really. If you are feeling like beating some people and shooting some pucks, NHL 13 is the game for you, a blast back to the past while having one of most inspirational bass heavy songs of our generation.


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