Black Tiger Sex Machine Ceremony Pt. 3 w/ He$h & Lektrique

Black Tiger Sex Machine is coming back to the west for a small tour with Ceremony PT. III hitting several cities in Texas, Colorado, and then Albuquerque in New Mexico! This tour is mini with a few dates booked but packed full with dankness! They will be bringing their stage production along with epic support from HE$H and Lektrique! (They will be performing separately except for the Albuquerque show where they will both be performing!) BTSM are the owners & founders of Kannibalen Records and they have been compiling some of the nastiest music out there! From other artist’s filthy remixes on their previous albums to featuring diverse artists on their label, and everywhere in between, Kannibalen has been one of the hottest music labels out there and with this tour, BTSM is bringing some serious #KanniFam heat! Such as, Lektrique, who is the host behind the Kannibalen Radio series. HE$H is a filthy producer out of Texas who has had some of his music featured on Kannibalen Records. This tour is featuring the heavier sounds and we can not be more excited to see how the bass capital handles it! Grab tickets below and join us for a Ceremony in the new year!

Black Tiger Sex Machine Ceremony Pt. III Tour Tickets

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