Colorado’s Largest Costume Dance Party Never Disappoints [Supernatural ’18 Mini Review w/ Photo & Video]

Colorado continues to press the envelope for curating some of the biggest & best events in the nation. Recently on October 27th, Global Dance, a local production company, took over The National Western Complex Center for a night of ghoul-filled bass with the Largest Halloween Costume Dance Party in the state, Supernatural Festival. Packed tight with eight stages, two of which hosted world-renowned artists & headliners while the other 6 stages each curated to a different style of dance music, all of which were performed by some of our favorite locals! Supernatural Festival truly offers quality sounds of dance music that cater to every kind of raver and dance music concert goer. They had massive acts like Kaskade, Gareth Emery, Boombox Cartal and more on the main stage, aka “Immortal Arena.” While on the second big stage, starting off strong, they had three locals, T.O.CAarbear, and Decadon that got the crowds heads banging, which lead the rest of the night into heavy and majestic bass music from acts like Dabin, AFK b2b Ray Volpe, Crankdat, and more! Check out the impressive scheduling of artists below and dive deep into our review with photos and videos!

T.O.C – which stands for Totally Outta Control took the Resurrection Chamber for a crazy ride of face-wrenching dubstep. He is a proud local who has been elevating the bass music scene for the past few years and with being one of the openers to a massive Global Dance event he continues to represent the bass capital promptly by showcasing the nastiest dubstep. A snippet from his performance below:

Dabin from Kannibalen Records was first up after the locals on the resurrection stage and he took the mile high for a musical journey by playing the feels in future bass to nasty dubstep and everywhere in between! 

Of course, most of the attendants participated in dressing up. Some costumes were more extreme than the others… but none the less, the Halloween vibes were ecstatically high as people dressed up from horrific twists on fairy tales, to superheroes of all types, and then, of course, random ideas that bring a smile to the face.

The main stage was brought to life with awesome stage production from both simple and intense features. Global Dance has a strong partnership with Algorythym Designs, who put together the chain link balloons that got hung up and around the stage and audience. This accompanied the regular stage production extremely nicely as the LED lights would shine through and off the inflatable designs, which gave this stage a completely unique feel to it. They had world renowned DJ’s on it practically from start to finish with Pegboard Nerds into Kaskade kicking off the big names on the Immortal Arena.

The local stages have always been a treat to check out as well. Each one offers a different set of music so wandering around through the venue is a complete musical rollercoaster. You can go from hardstyle to trance, to face wrenching dubstep within minutes. The crowd always shows up too, even when you think everyone is off at the main room watching the headliner, there are tons of people supporting their friends and local DJ’s at the smaller stages.

Global Dance never fails to put together a quality event and with this being their second year doing Supernatural, they are continually growing with amazing events that bring not only some of the biggest names in our scene but our scene its self together to experience the best music possible in the bass capital. Thank you, Ha and Global Dance for this opportunity. #InHaWeTrust

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