5 House/Techno Artists That You Can NOT Miss at Global Dance Festival

We have entered Global Week with Global Dance Festival set to take place this Friday and Saturday with some of the biggest names in the industry, both renowned classic artists, to the hottest up & coming acts. The lineup is extremely diverse this year as we are getting some epic dubstep / bass music producers, to beautiful trance artists, and even hardstyle with Lady Faith! But there is one genre of music that they absolutely loaded this year and that is House / Techno music. They practically have a full stage, The Amazon, dedicated to house music with the exception of a few decadent hip hop artists. So with the lineup being absolutely stacked, we put together a Top 5 House / Techno artists that you must see this weekend! Trust me you won’t regret it! You can check out the full lineup in the graphic above incase you haven’t seen it already or the artists time slows in the graphic below! Tickets are still available you can grab them below as well as more info if needed with the links at the bottom of the page! Make sure to like, comment with your top 5, and share if you dig this article!

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5. GoldFish 

The duo from South Africa who spreads good vibes live. Dom and David of GoldFish will be taking over the main stage, The Summit on Saturday. An absolute must see due to their immense on stage energy. Along with playing extremely funky + groovy instruments which is layered with either deep house or tropical house melodies, GoldFish shreds live and being on the main stage, you know they are going to be on a performance like never before.

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4. Bijou

Arizona’s ghetto house prodigy, Bijou is coming back for his 2nd year at Global Dance Festival. After an absolutely packed out mid-day performance last year, the crew Global Dance did an excellent move by bringing him back for even more bass house nastiness. This is the set that will not only give you those house vibes, but will also sprinkle hip hop influenced house into his set for a completely fifthly and unique experience. Bijou will be taking us deep into the Amazon Stage on Friday! (For some reason not able to see him then or wanting to see him twice, get your Global Week vibes set right at Temple Denver as he will be performing Thursday Night and DIV/IDE will be support!)

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3. Claptone

A mythical being. Claptone is an iconic figure in the house scene as he wears an mask that you’ll never forget after seeing. The mask worn has a golden beak which is backed behind a german DJ who throws down some of the gnarliest underground beats that rock the clubs across the world. To have him come from Europe, to perform here and only here and then go back to Europe for a couple more shows, is a huge privilege. We can not wait to see the anticipated Claptone at the Amazon Stage on Friday!

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2. Destructo 

Gary Richards, AKA Destructo, is one of the names that most people who are really into the house scene will know about. He is a pioneer for house & techno music in the United States as he has been influencing an uncountable amount of people all across the world. Some say he is even responsible for helping get deadmau5 and Justice into the mainstream music scene. None the less, as an artist, Destructo is one of the most exhilarating sets you can witness because of the vast selection of music, mind blowing expertise on performing live, and above all, his amazing and humble attitude. Do not miss him on Saturday on the Amazon Stage!

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1. deadmau5

Last and most definitely not least, one of the iconic names in tech house scene, deadmau5. Not only is his sheer presence a delight for a festival like this, but incorporating the cube stage with the epic production from Global Dance… and you got yourself a one of a kind performance. We shall never forget his ‘Decadence performance’ a few years back, I can’t even fathom what he will do with the Cube as his platform on biggest stage for dance music in the rocky mountain region! As deserved, deadmau5 will close out the main stage, The Summit on Friday Night.

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(Because apparently deadmau5 doesn’t like Soundcloud.)

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